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where do you buy trek books from?

Jim Kirk

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I like to buy trek books on line and I am wondering what sites are out there for a wide selection and out of print books.


Where do you buy your trek books from (on line)?

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I don't buy Trek books. I just borrow them from either my school or public library.

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I usually find them a lot cheaper at half-price books. $1 for paperback no more than $3 for hardcovers, way better than online prices and no shipping.

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Now that I have a Nook I get my trek books through Barnes & Noble.  I still use Amazon for non-paperback books, like the DS9 tech manual I just got.


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I built my Star Trek library from the local used book store, "The Book Rack" They were even nice enough to keep a list of books that I was looking for and call me when one came in.


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I either get my books from the library or, since I have a kindle, just buy them off of there.

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Usually from, ebay or amazon.

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usually the local used book store.  Though I have bought used books from ebay with good success.  I find it the best way to find a specific used book.

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For new books I'll go to Barnes&Noble. For used I'll go to our local Half Priced Books or Hyde Brothers (local used bookstore).

For used and OOP online, check out The Advanced Book Exchnage


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Having cleaned out virtually every second hand book shop in Dunedin of DS9 books at least, and with few of much interest at the official book shops (Like Whitcoulls and Paper Plus) I tend to get my books online from ziwi when there is something specific, or I will look around at local bookshops when I am travelling.

For example: I love Scorpio in Christchurch and there is another shop in Wellington with ceiling to floor Star Trek books. Also a couple of really good shops in Canberra and Melbourne that were chockers with second hand DS9 books. But mostly if there is something specific I go with because they can find me various titles that are obscure and / or out of print.

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When I can't find something at a used book store, Barnes & Noble, or at local book sales to benefit our libraries, online I go to ebay or amazon.

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When I was in junior high school in the mid 80s, reading just about every TOS novel I could get my hands on? The local Waldenbooks.

Now, however? Used book stores.

(I can't stand the "modern" Trek books; the last good Trek novels I read were published in 2000.)

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I usually go to my local used bookstire to find the older Startrek books . They have  alarge variety of Startrek books especially the Tos Novels I've been looking for, If I can't find what I'm looking for is a good place to search for used books or Adavanced Book exchange or E-bay.I like the older books better than the newer Tng Typhon pact novels.


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Half Price Books is a good place to go for Star Trek books, especially older ones. I just got four books the other day.

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