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Books About Previous Dax Hosts?


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I'm almost finished reading the lives of dax and ive really enjoyed it. Best Trek book ive read. I was wondering, does anyone know if there are any other books that deal with previous (or future) dax hosts? Also is lives of dax considered Canon?




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I don't think there are other ones but I can't be sure. If you liked the Lives of Dax books then it shouldn't matter that they are canon or not(officially they are not) just make them part of your own canon, its what I do. And I agree that book was a really good read.

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Best place to find that out is Memory Beta. (Ref: DAX)

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Lives of Dax was the last Star Trek book I read (a few months ago) and I really enjoyed it. It would be nice if they did some more with Dax (other than Ezri as Captain of the Aventine.)

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I don't think so.


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Tobin Dax has a small but significant role in both of the Enterprise : The Romulan War novels (Beneath the Raptor's Wings and To Brave the Storm).


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