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Captain Sulu/Excelsior TV series?


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It would interest series and in pratice could gone all ethic problem that could have complexs. First go clasp UFP and Romulus allies. Thing Romulus and UFP slow clasp excelsior being major part it. Romulus and Klingon Empire find themselve stille each thoats but UFP less even leaves few treats leading conflcit cause treaty of Algeron. A important issues about talk issulations idea US stay world affiars show UFP trying same thing it make relations worst both Klingon and Romulus star Empire and some case doing Cardasson able take Bajor to being with. Of course Sulu actior so old going do this flim part he get killed air hatch expoding or on brigie in case he die old age.  It not best one heard not the worst one either.


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Fuck it just shoot the show. Takei could still do it. It's Star Trek age isn't that important. 

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Almost any series could be made into an animated series with several of the actors returning.  I'd love to see an Excelsior series with original actors for the voices of Sulu, Chekov, Rand, Tuvok and more.

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I'd Watch It, Although, George Takei Is Looking His Age.


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Right now you can always watch Captain Sulu and his new crew take on the Hair/Humannoid symbiot known and Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.

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If they really wanted to do it they would. I would love to see a series with Excelsior much more then Voyager but I think the bus was missed on this concept. Takei is way too old. Yes they can put make up on him to make him look younger but can the man himslelf sustain the workload of being the star in a series like that?   

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