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Are kirk and Spock gay?

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Created by: trutrek13


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what i meant to put under "and why do people think that" i meant "or not" sorry i am challenged with tech stuffs  


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It amazes me that people realy think that. I get the whole "What if" aspect to slash, but that's a far cry from trying to read into the show that they were.

Kirk would bed any woman he wished, and was totaly devouted to his ship. Even Spock had his fair share of the womens!

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They're not gay.

Kirk boned every female in the galaxy.

If anything, Kirk was a hyperheterosexual.

Almost as much as I am.


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Hi trutrek13. Welcome to the TOS boards, former home of the Brother of Shran. NO,They not. 


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Heck NO!


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I think it would be revelutionary for there to be a homosexual romance in the Star Trek saga. Gene Roddenberry succeeded in making a peaceful universe of understanding and tolerance, it would make sense for homosexuals to exist in the 23rd Century and beyond. Having said that it is clear that Kirk and Spock are not sexually related. Kirk is obviously straight with backing evidence being the fact that he gets more women than anyone in the 23rd Century. Spock also engages in fewer but evident sexual relations with women, so we doubt he is gay. It's big misconception that every duo of male heroes in entertainment are gay, the word "bromance" is much more prefered 


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Not gay.


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TOS Kirk and Spock, clearly not! Deep brotherly bond, like WWII soliders on the battlefield type stuff.

I'd entertain the idea in the 2009 movie versions, ONLY becasue I find the actors playing Kirk and Spock "fascinating" but even then, sadly no.

I want to see a character that isn't labeled as 'gay' have a nice, normal romance with no hint of prejudice, no allegory and no message at all. Just put it there, like it happens all the time and no one gives a damn, which is exactly how it should be. I don't want a story about how no one understands them or how society isn't accepting, just have it happen. ~ SLagonia


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No they are not and that is a very ridiculous question.


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No, Kirk and Spock are not gay.

But Generic Crewman # 44 and Red Shirt # 345 WERE gay!


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No, they were not gay.

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mike says yes they are dwfunkrwjgnegjkhbergk gay and they like each other alot too i can sooooo tell!!!!!!!  imma coo guy


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NO NO NO!!! Kirk and Spock have such a unique and special friendship , it is wonderful to see that two men can have that kind of platonic love between them. I never understood why people made the gay connection between the both of them. Maybe some people are uncomfortable at the thought of two men having such a close bond that they have to try and whip something up that simply just isnt there. Kirk and spock are almost brothers

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