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Are kirk and Spock gay?

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Created by: trutrek13


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>Sulu is gay.

Don't confuse the actor with the character.

I'm not.

then what evidence do you have that proves the character of Sulo was gay??

and remember Sulo did have at least 1 daughter.


Nodoby can prove any of them were gay. We're just conjecturing. You've offered evidence that he is not gay, but it doesn't prove anything.

The first clue that he is gay is in "Mirror, Mirror." His mirror universe self is blindingly heterosexual...the opposite of his real self.


  Homosexuality has nothing to do with environment! I'ts genetic and the two Sulus are genetically identical! Your Homphobia is showing!


The Gay Gene works in reverse in the Mirror universe. 

I Am Ultra Narcissus.

Leland F

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That is not even worth responding to.


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Quote: Leland F @ Mar. 23 2013, 7:06 am


>That is not even worth responding to.


And you just did. 

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Homosexuality can be genetic or environmental or a combination of both. For example, attempts to change people's sexuality through brain surgery fail. And attempts to shun homosexuals fail in changing them.

It's usually said that environment is thought to play an important role. Genes decide so much, but environment fills out the rest, perhaps about 50% of our details.

It's a fine way to be no matter what decides it. It makes no purchase on whether or not someone is a nice person.

Truth always wins.


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Ok, is this really what the world has come to? Of course Kirk and spock are not gay!! Did you see how many times Kirk made out with those dozens of other women? People were still having talks about having black people on the show, and i dont think the show would have lasted if Kirk and spock were gay. 


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>There are reasons why I don't want to humor you. They begin with how you started out by simply making a presumption, and they end with the fact that I'm calmer than you.

I didn't presume - I watch Star Trek and saw the evidence.


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Quote: Leland F @ Mar. 23 2013, 7:03 am


>By the way, this thread is supposed to be about KIRK AND SPOCK! And I am so tired of it! I'm tired of the homophobia, tired of the messing with established characterization, tired of people trying to second-guess Gene Roddenberry's vision of a future where everybody is accepted for who they are no matter what! Let's end this sickening debate and just enjoy our favorite TV show, hmmmm?


I'm trying to understand who is homophobic here...?

Gene's vision is at times convoluted so discussion is helpful in trying to figure it out. Plus, as T'Paul pointed out, homosexuality is not purely genetic and is more complicated than anyone realizes. I get that it is a hot button topic, but we can still have a rational discussion, right?


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>No WAAAYYYYY. Spock would never waste his time with someone so much less sexy than him.  

Please, Mr. Scott, restrain your leaps of illogic...


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Gay or gay for eachother? Somehow I feel like there's a difference.

Joking aside, they could or could not be. There's no general consensus. I mean, I ship it because it's absolutely adorable, but I hate fangirls who insist that it's real. Seriously, whenever I hear something along the lines of "OMG LIEK THEY ARE OBVS IN WUV HOW CUD U NOT C IT LIEK OMG EVERY1 IS SO BLIND DOEZ THS LOK LIEK FRIEND HAND-HOLDING TO U LIEK EVERYONE IS DILUSIONAL/IN DENIAL/HOMOPHOBIC!!!1!11!", I want to punch everything and anything with a face.

R.I.P Jon. You are the only not-so-grump for me.

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