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Which of Kirks women did you like the best?


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I have mentioned Ruth from shore leave quite a few times before, I think she is my favourite of Kirks ladies  She is so pretty and the chemistry is really there between her and kirk and I just love the dialogue between them, its very romantic


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Dr. Helen Noel (Marianna Hill) was absolutely gorgeous.

And I always liked the fact that Noel and Kirk were trying to be all "professional" on their away mission (in "Dagger of the Mind," natch) ... even though they both couldn't stop thinking about the time they hooked up.

And could anyone blame Kirks's actions in the elevator? "Are you startled? Here, let me grab - I mean, comfort - you!" Ha.

"Smoke me a kipper. I'll be back for breakfast."


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Quote: TheDriver @ Oct. 31 2011, 5:24 pm


>Dr. Helen Noel (Marianna Hill) was absolutely gorgeous.


Man...  she was smokin' hot....  I've shove McCoy out the airlock and name her Chief Medical Officer....  schedule myself for some physicals...

That is all.... Empok Nor Station Manager


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I agree! Dr. Helen Noel was smart, sexy, and a capable officer.


I liked Carol Marcus too...!

Matthias Russell

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Loved Noel but I got to take Kelinda.


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This is quite difficult to decide, because the majority of the women they used in TOS are beautiful in different ways, but I must choose Joan Collins. I have had a crush on that lady for years. Everytime I watch that episode, as soon as I see her, she brings tears to my eyes. She is one of the classiest ladies I have ever seen. She is also amazing on Dynasty. I wish that I were handsome like Captain Kirk. Maybe I would have had his luck with women.

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Nobody takes the place of the lovely lady Enterprise, but Dr. Helen Noel comes pretty close.


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It is either Helen Noel, Ruth or possibly Marta.


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Andrea, Dr. Helen Noel, Arel Shaw, Nona, Deela, and Edith Keeler.

Matthias Russell

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Oh come on, no other Kelinda love out there?


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Miramanee! Miramanee! 


...... love those chicks in leather. Okay, so it was actually deerskin but there was no nonsense about her, she cut right to the chase & had a very, very  nice teepee too!


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I know he had an awful lot, but the only one coming to mind that I like best "for him" was Edith Keeler. But there were bound to be more like that.

Anyway, I certainly wouldn't pick one of those flings of his...

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Edith Keeler in "City On the Edge of Forever", definitely. She just seemed the most real to me; she wasn't just another hot babe in Kirk's Line of Lust. She was a WOMAN.


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My top 10:


1.       Uhura

2.       Marta-Whom gods Destroy

3.       Shahna- The Gamesters of Triskelion

4.       Vina- The Cage/Menagerie

5.       Gem- The Empath

6.       Number 1-The Cage/Menagerie

7.       T’Pring- Amok Time

8.       Miranda- Is There in Truth No Beauty?

9.       Andrea- What are Little girls Made of?

10.   Nancy- Metamorphosis


"Spock, I know this cafe where the women are so..."-Kirk


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I really can't decide on which one I like best between Edith Keeler, Dr. Helen Noel and Kelinda...I wish Dr Noel had appeared in more episodes after "Dagger of the Mind"

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