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Smokin "The Herb"


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So what you are saying scope is you feel that legalizing drugs will bring about a large increase in crime and lawlessness?  Yet we have a perfect example of what would happen during the Prohibition.  Another big reason I am opposed to the war on drugs is that it isn't a federal responsiblity remember in order to get the Prohibition enacted the federal government got a consitutional amendment for the War on Drugs the federal governement just made it illegal which is unconsitutional.


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Actually, in the case of marijuana, they got all the states to sign off on it, allowing the Federal government to take control. I don't remember what the act was called, I'll look it up when I get the chance.


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Quote: Tureaz'47 @ Oct. 04 2011, 2:31 am


>It is an economical disaster in the waiting. I'm for total ban of the weed.

this is true a million and one uses. Like cotton takes lots of chemicals for the final result, and commercial weed(cant get high) is just let it grow. If it were legal money wouldnt circulate as well. How is moeny injected in the system? 



How does change happen? Have you ever seen someone use so many comas!


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Yes, it should be legalised.


Not the harder drugs, though.


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There's a kind of freedom in being totally screwed, you know things can't get any worse.


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Roll another one....just like the other one.  Don't bogart that joint my friend....pass it over to me.


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