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Voyager thoughts


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I enjoy Next Gen immensely, but I personally prefer the characters, the pace, and the overall story of Voyager.

One word - Janeway. Brilliant Captain. An inspiration, wonderful to watch and very likeable! 

I think the thing though which gets me about Voyager is the way the relationship grows between all the members of the crew throughout their time in the Delta quadrant - new friendships and families - it is uniquely special. 

"We're Starfleet officers. Weird is part of the job." - Janeway


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I am just going throught Voyager now, (almost done with season two) with the DVDs. I am enjoying a few things I may have missed during its first run.

Tuvok- Tim Russ played a Vulcan very well

The Kazon- not not really. Did they wander all over the amount of space that Voyager was covering at high warp?

I think Robert Beltran was underused.

The Thaw, I do not like clowns, but the episode deserved a second look.

I liked the first season more than any other modern Star Trek's first season.

Just a few thoughts...



randy kerr

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all the story,s  are awesome.


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Voyager rocks and always will!!!!!!!!!


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I have a question:  While Voyager was out there, fighting to get back home and outlast the bad guys, did they have much time for exploration?  I hope their computer stored all the information they learned about the various civilizations they encountered or heard about, along with all the amazing cosmological events.

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I like how Voyager used the Borf in the episodes.  Some people may complain the Borg were iverused but not me.  Some of the finest episodes in all of Trek are the interactions between Voyager and the Borg.

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One thing that's always bothered me about "Caretaker". Why didn't our intrepid crew set off the explosion with a timing device set to go off after they returned to the Alpha Quadrant?  They could have used the Caretaker's Device, gotten back home, and then destroyed it.


so no one thought of using a device that's been around for a long long time? 


Thank you.


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Voyager was one of my favorites, definitely, though I think Chakotay could have been better... he wasn't really interesting as a character. 

 Tom Paris is funny at times, and lightens the show up a bit, but The Doctor and Seven are some of the best characters in all ST.  I never really liked Kes, but Neelix was funny.  I think it had some really good character, though some like Chakotay never devoloped.  Overall, it was a good series.

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I never got a chance to watch the series when it originally aired. Even after so many years, just never got a chance to check it out. Then recently my brother gave me all of his dvd's, and.... I love it! I still have a few seasons I need to pick up yet. Sucks I missed out for so long, but I'm glad I've finally gotten to watch.


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I loved Voyager. It was my favourite out of them all, with TNG coming close in second. I thought the ship was really cool, and the updated look from TNG and DS9. I thought the crew were PERFECT and they all played their parts excellently throughout the series. I loved the fact that they were exploring unknown teritory. You didn't know what the next episode would have in store for them, and all strange things happened. I loved how they discovered new races also. And to put the icing on the cake, was Janeway. She was legendary.

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