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Hello There


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Hi there

I have been a huge Star Trek fan for close on 30 years.......I saw a thread on here about pitching new ideas for a series well being currently "in between careers" at the moment I have had a small idea formulating so here goes

1. set at the end of Voyager / DS9 era

2. set in Starfleet Intelligence.

3. Characters......still flushing out but:-

a) Starleet Captain/ admiral ( male or female ) promoted to head of Intelligence but doesnt know why

b) Vulcan number 2 with secret..........learn at the end or near the ex member of Tal Shiar and is Romulan

c) Starfleet Operative inside Orion Syndicate - but whose side really?

d) starfleet lieutenant promoted from admirals office / captains ship

e) Informant based on Space Station / Planet with very chequered history

f) various members of crew of USS Endeavour - Ship that belongs to Intelligence.

4. Enemies / adversaries

a) Section 31

b) Orion Syndicate

c) Romulans

d) Remnants of Dominion War

e) Internal politics due to Admiral / Captain's appointment.


Basic Story Arc......Lead takes over position of Head Starfleet Intelligence but there is a warning that all is not as it seems ( like any empire / federation things start to crumble a bit and dark corners start to appear after 200 years ) and throughout the years the Intelligence Team come up against Section 31 , Orion Syndicate et al and as it transpires our "Vulcan" number 2 was aware of Romulan / Syndicate plans to chip away at the federation whilst at the same time Section 31 and a few behind the scenes Starfleet characters were planning to make Federation a bit authoritarian and with our guys stuck in the middle unaware of what was going on. Finally they expose Section 31 / Starfleet Rogue Hierachy season by season plus our "Vulcan" comes clean with Intell Leader that he / she was a defector to Starfleet many years ago and was integrated into Starfleet because of what had been found out about Tal Shiar.

I could probably sit and write pages about characters and stories etc but I am not a writer just a fan


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It is definately a good concept for a show, but where's Rondenberry's hopeful message about the future?

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the bungalo bill

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