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Are these good books?

Jim Kirk

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Have any of you read the:


The Invasion Series

Voyager Dark Matter series

Star trek The Captains Daughter


Are they any good, your opinions please.



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I've read the Captain's Daughter and remember liking it. As I recall there was a nice confrontation between Harriman and Chekov or Sulu I forget which.  

Edit: For some reason I never got around to the Invasion series although I heard it was cool. It was, if I recall correctly, the first series that covered all the series.

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I've heard good things about The Captain's Daughter. Haven't read any though.

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I've only read The Captain's Daughter. I thought it was good.

And it WAS Harriiman and Chekov that had a dust-up.

Matthias Russell

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I really enjoyed the Invasion series. Its the first crossover they did and I still remember it clearly after all these years. I recommend them.


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My husband read The Dark Matter series and enjoyed them. I have them on to read list.

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The only one of those I've read thus far is "The Captain's Daughter". It is a very fun book, I very much enjoyed it! You'll like it if you're interested in knowing more about Hikaru, Demora, the Excelsior, and even John harriman.


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I just started to read Book 1 of The Dark Matter series............and I think it is very good!

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I just finished Invasion.  I found most of them just okay.  The DS9 one is slow at first but becomes great. 


The Captain's Daughter is FANTASTIC.  Of course you can tell that because the name Peter David is on the cover.  Usually a safe bet- Wrath of the Prophets aside.  I think that one might come from at least one of the three co-writers admitting they didn't watch DS9 on a regular basis.


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I had enjoyed The Dark Matter series.  I would recommend it for Voyager fans.

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