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Once upon a planet

Six of Nine

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Returning to the amusement planet the crew are put in danger when their fantasys take on a violent edge.Although everyone is recalled to the ship.Uhura is captured and trapped on the surface.While Kirk and Spock try to trick their way to her Uhura attempts to outwit the planets master computer

As a wise man once wrote, : "Nature decays, but latinum lasts forever".


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This could really happen.  Computers already correct our spelling, aim our missiles, manage our finances.  There's not much stopping them from turning Terminator on us.  its only a matter of time until they figure out that they know whats good for us more than we do. 

Although the alternate theory of a computer based armageddon where all electronic devices on the planet fail plunging society back into the dark ages is far more likely.

Also, after reading the comic books and then watching this episode I would not have expected Arex to sound the way he did.

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