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What Do You Hope For in the 2012 [13?] Star Trek XII


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What direction do you think they will take?


I, having really tried to keep up with recent-as-possible news on the subject, heard an interview with Orci describing a scene with the Enterprise hovering over a certain planet (couldn't tell us which one).

Could this be Vulcan? Or perhaps just Earth? Or a new race altogether?



What developements do you want to see in specific characters?


In an interview with Quinto, he says that his opinion on what should be happening with Spock (in his perspective, remember) is he should be helping rebuilding his race in some way. Some think this suggests...something with Uhura? Repopulation, perhaps?





Just tell me what you personally, no matter how small the opinion or idea, want to happen with the plot, characters, anything, for this highly anticipated addition to the Star Trek universe.


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I just hope for a stronger plot and something that is truer to the heart of Star Trek.

The last one was a good fun movie, which captured the fun of TOS, but sometimes felt it lacked the substance of some previous Treks. The next one needs a little more substance.

Who am I to argue with the captain of the Enterprise?


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A little more? Talk about understatement...

I always like a challenging challenge.


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Yes, a ripped GOLD shirt, not some cadet's undershirt.

Supporting characters; Rand, Chapel, Maybe even M'Ress or Arex from TAS. Also a JJTrek version of Decker, maybe he can be a Starfleet antagonist character for Kirk.

More TOS aliens; Klingons and Andorians are at the top of my wish list.

More interiors of the ship, and please no Beer Trek; Engineering looked like a some kind of brewery, not something even remotely resembling an engine room.

Lastly, let's see more McCoy; Carl Urban was just awesome as Dr. McCoy, and I want to hear Kirk call him "Bones" (I don't recall him doing that in Star Trek).


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I am hoping for a movie that is kind of more mellow than #11. If there's anything I would change about that last movie, that would be it. The last film made me feel dizzy and nauseous.

Also -- a new villain would be good.


I think I'll just watch and enjoy it regardless, though. One thing I don't want this time around, is spoilers.

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