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Some question on "Star trek:legacy".


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I have licension DVD with this game,please say: internet server for internet game work now or all offline. Game old:2006 year,maybe you know work internet server or no.I want play in deathmatch mode in this game.


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I checked and yes "no server found". It means you'd have to wait for anyone to host a game since there does not seem to be any dedicated servers out there to play on. You might try searching for anyone who does host a game every now and then and find out when they are on. Otherwise you will just have to play it in skirmish mode.

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I had no idea people still played online.

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I bought this for the 360 about half a year after it came out.  I managed to find someone ONE TIME to play the game.

Such a disappointingly poor game design.  There's no "up" in space, you morons!

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