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This episode about how doctor use all talents and want will be as people.But evil aliens want stolen programm doctor.

If true,me this episode very like,first scene is awesome:sing doctor..What do you think about this episode good or bad episode on you opinion? Me this episode very like,whatch 7 time. Interesting genre drama,philosophy and action in end.


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Easily one of the best Voyager episodes. The development of the Doctor throughout the series is one of the best character development stories in the entire genre.


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It's a cute episode, but I can't see a programmed Doctor acting so emotional.

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The Doctor has emotions. He has a spot in his programming for that. It goes with "personality". I thought that it was a good episode, since I am rather fond of the Doctor.

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didn't see this episode when it originally aired in back in 1999, when I finally saw it for the first time when I. completed my VOY dvd collection 5 years ago, lets just say I couldn't stop laughing.  Many ridiculously humorous moments in this episode.  

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That is definitely one of the funnier episodes. The Doctor rules.

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It was a fun episode. It looked fun to film.  That scene where they are all in the briefing room was hilarious. Although, kind of felt bad for the doctor that some of his "daydreams" were exposed. It's like someone reading your personal thoughts for all to see.

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I love this episode. I died laughing when I saw it. The Doctor is one of the best VOY characters. 


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One of my favourite episodes.

It shows that the Dr has a lot to learn when it comes to emotions.


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Great Episode!!

The Emergency Command Hologram was my favourite part.



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Hilarious, especially when Kim is monitoring his fantasies and, by the time the captain comes, has already picked his favourite.

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Quote: Spot_Data's_Cat @ Jan. 13 2012, 1:42 am


>Hilarious, especially when Kim is monitoring his fantasies and, by the time the captain comes, has already picked his favourite.

Yes, just like a Ferengi-centered DS9 ep. is a laugh riot, this ep is one I can't watch with a straight face.  The topper is Seven's line at the end when she passes the Doctor and says, "Don't expect me to pose for you."  That starts the laughter all over again.

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