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Who was the best Maquis?

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Created by: OtakuJo


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I'm biased but I'm going for Thomas Riker. With all seen what Will Riker can do, and Tom has all of that potential. Plus he can create confusion by looking like Riker, which is key in guerilla operations like the Maquis used.

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I voted for Ro. After everything she'd been through, the Maquis seemed like the perfect place for her.

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Quote: HisRoyalHighnessTheKing @ Oct. 03 2011, 10:39 pm


>The Maquis on VOY were awful

>They were either boring (Chakotay), psychopaths (Suder, Jonas, Seska), suffering from permanent PMS (Torres) or complete morons (those fools from "Learning Curve").

>The best Maquis was Michael Eddington, by far.


Voyager just said, "Hey, DS9 is creating a group called the maquis! Let's put them in our series." "Should we ask them what their vision is with the Maquis?" "No, we'll just take the name, guess, and hope we are right" 


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Actually I think one of the primary reasons that the Maquis were created was because they were planning to base a new series (Voyager) on them. So it wasn't really so much a way of Voy. producers seeing this new group and wanting to use them.

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