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Your own Star Trek family


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Captain Kirk as my husband  mmmmmm I would be the happiest girl alive


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Father- Picard

Mother- Janeway

Brother(s)- Kirk, Scotty, Chekov, Spock & Worf

Sister(s)- Uhura, Chapel & B'Elanna

Partner- Don't know why but.. Bones

Son(s)- Chekov & Data

Daughter(s)- Seven & Dr Crusher

Best Friend(s)- Riker, Sulu, Harry Kim & Tom Paris


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Grandmother - Gem, the empath

Father - Scotty

Mother - Guinan

Brothers - Shran, Garek

Uncle - Tuvok

Partner - Spock

Daughter - Kes

Friends - Worf, Jadzia, K'helar, the Horta


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Mother - Uhura

Father - Kirk

Big Brother - Scotty

Little Brother - Chekov

Big Sister - Christine Chapel

Little Sister - Janice Rand

Spouse - Spock (Sorry big sis, he's MY man.)

Son - Peter Preston (Scotty's nephew, but it works, since I have Scotty as my big brother.)

Daughter - Saavik (She really needs somebody to love her and care about her and let her know that they do. - No offense, honey)

Best Friends - Bones, M'ress, and Sulu

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