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Where Should the Vulcans Establish A New Homeworld?


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Wherever they feel like, GOSH!

I know, terrible joke.


It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want. - Spock


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Let them have Belgium


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Well, they know that time has been tampered with, so the logical thing to do is to take a slingshot around the sun, go back 25 years and destroy the singularity before Nero had a chance to come through it and mess things up in the first place. to be honest, Temporal Investigations should already be on the case.

Failling that, they could go and live with the Bajorans. That would be rather amusing



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The could go live with the proto-Vulcans from TNG. It would be like reverse Beverly Hillbillies with Vulcans!

It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want. - Spock


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There shouldn't be a homeworld, at least not for a while.  The total destruction of a people's world would include the destruction of a central government and means to order.

The first few years after such an event would be nearly equally disastrous as the event itself.  Vulcans would be spread throughout much of the Alpha Quadrant, living in small groups among other peoples and other worlds.  Not intended as a political/religious comparison:  but think of the Jewish people up to World War II/prior to Israel.  A people scattered.  This should be the Vulcan fate...for a while at least.  Additionally, they would become increasingly hated...the blame the victim syndrome.  Other worlds and peoples, including some on Earth, would begin to look at the Vulcans as leaches and grow indifference at best, if not total intolerance for their views and way of life...and disgusted by their "neediness" without a place to call home (not that the Vulcans would behave needy). 

In time, small groups of Vulcans would form multiple colonies on different worlds.  Each colony would maintain its own colonial government.  Some colonies would be challenged in legitimacy as other races claimed that planet...although some colonies would become somewhat successful.  Still, further over time, some colonies would gradually begin to unify and begin the process of developing a central government.  Other colonies would have spent this time however redefining the Vulcan philosophy and resist centralizing with other Vulcans and wish to maintain their own self-governments and autonomy.


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For one thing one think build powerful militery fleet since after happen homeworld and spacecaft have warp drive but no warp engine so all power warp drive send strate to weapon systems and shields. A good deal Vuclan rities can be done anywere I do think lost homeworld have that much effect. However I could see Vuclan gentic engeering speed birthrate might UFP over come prejuct againist genitice engeering. In pratie think great deal answer in next movie. Hay if show Borg and Vuclan build militery flleet able savler of starfleet the Spock might forgive Romulas for what they did. Or gentic engneering what end up save UFP assimilation.

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