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Who's your favourite character?


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Since I bear her name, Deanna Troi... My Dad is a huge fan of Star Trek, I grew up watching it and still love it... I really like Picard though. He's really awesome. When I saw Patrick Stewart was the voice ofEmperor Uriel Speptim VII in Oblivion, I was ecstatic.

My name is Deanna. Think about it.


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Jean-Luc Picard, Ro Laren, Q, Worf.

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I'd have to say Riker, he was such a selfless, noble and fearless character, and so masculine (ya gotta love the beard too).

Data's always fun to watch, he and Geordi are such a funny pair, so they come tied second.

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Commander Data. He's innocent yet very intelligent. Kinda like those traits for humans.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

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The whole cast in Next Gen is great, though I'd personally have to say that my favourite is Captain Picard (obviously) 


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Picard, Riker, and Worf.  All of them had solid, consistent, and believable personalities, so I think that mattered quite a bit.



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First off, let me say that I love ALL of the TNG characters. There are no good or bad characters, in my opinion. My FAVORITE main characters are Data and Dr. Crusher. Not only are they excellent characters (played by excellent actors) by themselves, they also have great chemistry together. I am reminded of the famous dancing scene in "Data's Day," and the part in "The Big Goodbye" when Crusher asks Data where Picard is. They are AWESOME!!!

Additionally, although she isn't really a main character, just a recurring one, I also love Lwaxanna Troi. Even if the episode is horrible, if she's in it, it's automatically one of the best episodes there is! And the way she makes Picard miserable is soooo funny!!! Majel Barrett did an amazing job playing her!!

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Picard & Worf


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It has to be Data and Geordi La Forge. 



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Besides Captian Picard I would have to say Data and Worf; because I just love the characters that allow us to see an outside perspective on humanity. 

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Lwaxana, Data, and Q... Especially Lwaxanna, she is hilarious!!!

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I have counted that including my self

41 people said Data

want a hug


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Quoting from a previous post in this thread:

Data by far. He may be over-exposed as a character in the series, but he was ALWAYS enjoyable to watch. Worf comes second, then (don't hit me!) Natasha Yarr. I was devestated when she died.


Certainly no argument re: Tasha from me.  I had hoped - back in the day - that her departure rumors were false and just publicity buzz.  For the run of the series, however, it has to be Picard.  Agreeing with what Ghostmojo previously said, the show was about the Captain.  Who was the most English Frenchmen I'd ever seen!  

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