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Who's your favourite character?


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My favourite characters are Riker, Troi, Data Ensign Ro


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Picard. I very much enjoyed the qualities the character portrayed in the later seasons. Commanding, intelligent, eloquent, moral, noble, and still flawed.

I didn't like that he seem quite so much of a stick in the mud, so detached at times.


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Worf, Data, and Geordi

Taken together the three of them are the most identifiable.


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Worf of all time on any show.

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Beverly, Deanna, Data, Picard, Worf, Riker, Geordi, Guinan, Lwaxana, Q and Barclay.


But not Wesley.





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Worf.  How many times did he recommend taking an aggressive or at least more defensive posture only to be ignored?  At least once he should have looked at Picard after the Enterprise was attacked and said, "I told you so."


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I liked Picard. He always had that commanding voice that made Admirals feel like kids who were out of line. If I was in Starfleet, getting chewed out by Picard is something that would make me feel so small.

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There is no one in TNG I don't like, but I do have some preference for Data, Deanna, Lwaxana Troi, Barclay, Tasha, Geordi and Dr. Crusher.

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Data is my favorite, then Riker.


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Data by far. He may be over-exposed as a character in the series, but he was ALWAYS enjoyable to watch. Worf comes second, then (don't hit me!) Natasha Yarr. I was devestated when she died.


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Who ever that black guy was, that took the place of Crusher, then was killed. I'll have to find the show that it happened in. 


Data, because he is so smart and strong, yet is sometimes over powered by humans. Both braun & intellegence. 


Picard, because he makes the right choices, and he changed his past, only to go back to who he was originaly. 

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Worf- A man of honor and one bada$$ Klingon to boot. Loved him in First Contact!

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I LOVE Deanna. She has got to be the coolest half Betazoid ever! She rocks. But my second favorite is probably Data and Lwaxana. Q is awesome too! I love the humor in Star Trek. That and the techno babble beats all else!


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Picard. Mais bien sur!

It has to be the captain.

Just like in TOS - TNG was about the leader and his crew.

Jean Luc was no James Tiberius - but he was still the dominant character and by far the most interesting. He was also head and shoulders the best actor.

Without Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard - TNG would have only been half the show it was. Indeed, I suspect it wouldn't have lasted nearly so long - if at all.

The only mistake was making him French. They didn't explore his Frenchness ever - and he came across as the reserved Brit that he actually is. That aside - he was a great invention and with Kirk - the essential brave, thoughtful, resourceful (slightly flawed) Trek hero-leader.

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