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Spocks most human moment?


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the naked now....



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Let me see...

Assuming we are just talking about TOS, there is this one...

Then this one...

And how about this one?...

But let us not forget this one...

I know that there are many more!

In any case...


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In The Scene After The Refusion On Mount Saleah On Vulcan, When Kirk Says To Spock The Needs Of The One Out Weighed The Needs Of The Many, Spock Replies  "Ship Out Of Danger"? Kirk Says Yes, Then Spock Turns Back To Kirk And Raises His Right EyeBrow.


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I like all the referances so far and agree with them all.  Spock, like most Vulcans, have the emotions but they work to cover/hide them.  It's fun to see those emotions emerge when their control slips for that brief moment....not so fun when all of the control breaks/fails though

I do wonder if I haven't seen the above poster/user/member before though.  The style seems familiar somehow.  Immanuel, have we met before or were you on the old maybe?


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kirk is my favorite

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I definantly say the end of Amok Time

When I grow up I want to join Starfleet.


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Amok Time



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I agree with all of yours but also the episode where he strokes the cat and says he feels strangely drawn to it  So sweet.


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Spock had a few "human" moments throughout the 1st season.  A very subtle one is in Charlie X, when he's playing the Vulcan lyrette in the rec room.  Won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but it's a good one.


One of my favorite scenes from Trek in general, and Spock in particular, would have to be the scene between he and Nurse Chapel in The Naked Time, and immeditely after, when he's in the briefing room trying to regain control of his emotions by running through basic mathematical forumlas.  Just really good stuff.

Kirk's shtick on not being able to "touch her" or walk on the beach, on the other hand, makes my face flush in embarrassment sometimes.  Shatner redeemed himself on the bridge later in that episode though, when he wants to reach out and touch Janice Rand, but pulls back.

Trek 2.0

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There are several times so it's hard to say the top five have to be
1. "Amok Time."
2. "Star Trek 2."
3. "Trouble With Tribbles."
4. "This Side Of Paradise." (Even though those flowers were in effect.)
5. "Star Trek 3."
  He's Spock , though, so we didn't see many.   

Trek 2.0

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This isn't an emotional moment, but it is a point. 

In, "Mirror, Mirror,"  the parallel Spock had a beard which conceals, which is not logical.  + beard= Spock in an almost human position.


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Definitely feel it was at the end of "Requiem for Methusselah." The moment he initiated that meld and uttered the word "forget"....He showed a totally "human" side of himself. One of the things that makes us most human is that desire to take pain from those we care about.


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Amok time was probably the only time spock ever grinned, except in "this side of paradise" when the spores get to him.


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The Wrath of Khan when Spock says goodbye to Kirk and also the Star Trek TOS episode Naked Time. It was probably the first episode where Spock showed emotion

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His amusment at Human sexual habits in "Mudd's Women."


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I would have to say in Amok Time when he smiles at the fact that Kirk was still alive.

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