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Who would you choose to be treated by? (who was the best Doctor)... McCoy/bones, Crusher, Pulaski, Bashir, EMH mark1/Joe, Phlox ??

Captain Jafo

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Looking back over the years of all the great star trek series (and as of recently i will add "enterprise" since i have decided to finaly give it a shot...thanx to this website)... I decided to join the social talk groups with my first question. Who was the best Doctor of all the missions. I did not include the choice of Dr. Boyce,  or nurse Chapel, but please feel free to voice any opinion you may have. 


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This has been asked a lot of times before, but no wurries about hearing it again.

I like Bashir.

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If in 23rd century Dr. McCoy, 24th the Doctor.

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Martoks Missing Eye

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If I'm slightly injured but in good spirits - Dr. McCoy

If seriously sick/injured/hurt, where death is near - Dr. Bashir

If I was I'm in my 30/40's and single - Dr. Crusher

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Dr. Mccoy for certain  he has adorable southern charm and not at all bad looking so I wouldnt mind being his patient hehe

Matthias Russell

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The AI, of course. More precision from the doctor.

Matthias Russell

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^ That said, I wouldn't want holographic Andy Dick working on me.


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im going to go for doctor crusher


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Phlox has some... unconventional methods, I wouldn't feel safe with him...

Crusher is nice, but kind of boring, so my final hours would probably be spent in silence.

Pulaski ehk bleq

Bashir has a certain amount of wit about him...

EMH may be a hologram, but it doesn't make me feel any more safe or insecure around him.

McCoy is my choice. I just love the man! He's funny and his facial expressions are great.

I probably would have a better chance of survival with one of the 24th century docs but, given the choice I still go with McCoy.

Six of Nine

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Hand down, Bashir is the best doctor, So Bashir.

The Second would be the doc.

The Third Crusher

The Fourth McCoy

I am judging this on medical skill only.


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Beverly Crusher!

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Beverly, because she had the greatest bedside manner out of all of them and a very sweet personality. She's also quite witty, and intelligent. The enterprise just wouldn't be the same without her!

And I rather much perfer her to operate on me than some inexperienced young guy, a holographic projection, some creepy alien dude, a guy that yells all the time, or some old lady.

Of course, i'm just exaggurating. McCoy is hilarious, The Doctor is awesome, and Bashir is Adorable. Pulaski and Phlox.... Well, i'm not changing my answer.

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Silly question-What do you think my ianswer is going to be? 


I can just imagine lying on the biobed(after an injury from repairing equipment at OPS), opening my eyes and seeing JULIAN'S adorable smile as he asks me how I'm feeling

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