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Star Trek means to me a sense of wonder at what's out there.


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That wonder, excitement, and a sense of adventure was not just for kids, but for grown ups too. Star Trek made a five-year-old in the 1960s realize this.


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My grandpa introduced me to Star Trek with Star Trek the Next Generation in 1992 when I was 7. I've been a Trekkie since 1992.  I have all the movies on 2 disc special editions. I have a the USS Enterprise D toy from Playmates I got for Christmas in 1992 it makes noise and still works 19 years later. I also have a hanging picture of the original cast and it tells the cast when the series first premired. Also I have the Star Trek Christmas Ornaments.


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When there is so much darkness in the world, past, present, and indeed portrayed in so many science fiction works, Star Trek gives me hope from the core goodness that Gene Rodenberry saw in humanity. That underneath all the hatred, racism, prejudice, greed, and so many other flaws of humanity, taht goodness exists. That there is the potential of tolerance and of selflessness. A world where people value the wealth of the mind over that of posessions. A world where people work to better humanity, to push the frontiers - because of curiosity, or for the want to better our lives, rather than the persuit of personal wealth. 

Star Trek to me is about the raw potential of goodness in every one of us. It's about a faith in humanity we all must hold to, if we are to survive past these grim times where millions of people lack access to basic amenities and rights, and perish because they have no access to clean water, or food, while people are sitting comfortably, in luxury, their only thought on how to increase their own gain from others.

To me, it is where we should be headed as a species. To me, it is like looking forward as a species into our maturity, where we have realised how petty our plights of today are. It's about growing up, and taking responsibility not only for yourself, but for the others around you, and the universe you live in. Without Star Trek to help me see this raw potential in us, I would have completely lost my faith in humanity long ago.

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Are you kidding me?  Star Trek is not the future -- it is bringing the *future HERE*!  iPad 2, anyone?  That's a PADD.  Or any smartphones...much like old style communicators.  Concepts shown in Star Trek have accelerated technological development to the point where we can say "Cooooooooool!" and MEAN IT, about technology. =)  And it shows no signs of slowing down.

Now, barring anything disastrous like V-GER, mega-hostile Klingons eradicating Earth or enslaving it in 1 stroke, the Nexus, or any # of other universal's not impossible to believe we're going to be out there someday.  


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Star Trek means that no matter how bad things get, there is still hope for me and the human race!


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Star Trek is amazingness. If I have a long day I can watch an episode of Star Trek and everything is right in the world.


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a vision of the future where we still exisit and appear to be on the right track, and the awesome starships.....


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Star Trek means space ships and alien women to me. ;-)


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Star Trek means that I don't need to live within the stereotype.  The original series showed that anything is possible as long as we set our minds to do it and look past our differences.  It's a value that I believe in and I'm so glad that my dad made watch the show when I was a kid.


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Star Trek means adventure and exploration!


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What does Star Trek mean to you?” 

What does Star Trek mean to me? Star Trek has shown me how humanity can set aside notions of living in fear of what a human does not know or understand where the human instead of cowering in the cave waiting for the lightning and thunder to pass instead ask's why did the lightning flash and thunder clash. By facing each unknown humanity will learn and grow from the challenge. Each new challenge that is met with courage, intelligence and strength will allow humanities self esteem to expand to the point of knowing that with each new challenge that humanity faces humanity will not cower in fear in the cave but will walk upright and into the unknown without fear knowing that what they have lost and gained will benefit all of those who call theirself StarFleet.

Star Trek is the epitome of the explorer's heart. Without such a heart then humanity would be confined to be merely nothing more than waring factions in a desperate race to who can destroy the other first just so the notion of a single religious theory being the theory that provides humanity with all of the knowledge necessary for a human to exist without venturing past the camp fire within the cave.

A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.

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It teaches me that anything is possible if you try.


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I am a true Treakie. I love Star Trek. I collect, watch and live Star Trek.

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