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It's the meaning behind Roddenberry's genius, a better humanity! We will continue to strive to be better humans.



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What star trek always means to me that the coolest guy in the room always values diplomacy above violence, honesty above deceit, and exploration over profit.


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Quite a bit, for a movie/tv franchise.  Hope, optimism, fascinating and meaningful storylines, and a lot of inspiration.


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hello all

star trek has inspired me to what my furture should be..

and also helped me in respect of helping others and to help in challenges,,,



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I remember Star Trek from when I was a kid.  There was SO much of it that helped shape my view of life, and my life as well.

The American Dream of rising to whatever position you want IF you work hard for it.

The future as a positive place where all humans join together.  A future following MLK’s dream of judging people only by their character.  A future of leaving our galactic nest a spreading our wings “to explore strange new worlds”.

That freedom and liberty are only possible with work, commitment, and vigilance.

I embraced the logic of Spock (of all Vulcans, of course) in my life, making sure that it was equally applied in all situations., making sure to apply it equally in all situations, enabling objective, fair, and balanced assessments of all views.

I looked for adventure like Kirk, striving to rise up out of my deathly shy, introverted personality.

I strove to be a miracle worker like Scotty, which shaped me becoming a successful engineer.

The idea of serving something higher than one’s self helped point me toward serving our nation and it’s lofty ideals.

“…and boldy go where no one has gone before” to do exactly that.  Sometimes stupid, like climbing the face of a bluff above a dam with my best friends as a kid, or driving across an open desert with no road, supplies, or communications.

I could probably go on…


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Star Trek shows that in life anything is possible. There is Spock, a half breed in some sence, but he's the first officer and science officer on a star ship. Theres Leonard McCoy, old county gentleman who's now the chief medical officer on board the Enterprise. James Tiberius Kirk, trouble maker, causing havok, cheated on the kobayashi maru, but the best star ship captain Starfleet had. Captian Janeway, woman star ship captain. Geordi La Forge, blind helmsman. 

Kirk taught me to be cautious but brave, McCoy taught me how to be polite and kind, Spock taught me to be human. Data taught my to feel, Geordi, that no matter what life throws at you, you just have to keep going. Star Trek taught me how to live my live, and catch up to life before it passes by. 

What Star Trek means to me? It means to live.


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Star Trek growing up was a glimpse of hope for the future, however, looking back, so much of Star Trek has come to fruition it is truly amazing.  Every time I used a Motorola Razr I couldn't help but think of the communicators used by the crew, 40 years earlier! 

Growing up watching the series made me interested not only in space and science, it increased my vocabulary! 

Even with all the special effects and "shock topics" of television today, the original series can still hold its own.

Live Long and Prosper... ROLL TIDE!


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Star Trek = Family


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"What does Star Trek mean to you?” 


Star Trek means to me that there are no limits to our creativity, and our minds can create worlds that  mean something to us and our hopes. It was an anchor to hold onto as a kid, and insires the things that I can and probably do in the future. It brings a sense of hope when things are dark and there isn't anything in reality that looks bright. It reminds me of what I have to appreciate, and is a muse for my life. 


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What does Star Trek mean to ME?

Well that is a hard question to answer.... There is a book out there titled "Everything I Know, I learned from Star Trek"    For me that is mostly true. Star Trek to me is:

Friendship, Duty, Selflessness, Caring, Responsibility, Trust, and Hope.


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What does Star Trek mean to you?


Hope.  Optimism.  Positivity.  Star Trek represents a utopian future for Earth and humanity.  The very ethical and moral principles that the Federation and Starfleet are built on are representative of the best aspects of humanity, under the presumption that as a species we have the ability to overcome our worst characteristics.  To some people I know, Star Trek is just a "soap opera in space" and others watch it for the inherent entertainment values in its action, fantasy, or political intrigue.  But what hooked me on Star Trek from the beginning, and is the throughline connecting each series to the next, is that the lesson of every episode and every story arc illustrates how easily humanity could overcome all the social problems experienced in Earth - both past and present - to achieve the ideal future depicted in Star Trek, if only we all set aside our differences, selfishness, and greed, and committed unilaterally to the goal of a unified Earth at peace. 


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shows us a utopian future that we can acheive if we put our differences aside

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Star Trek taught me to accept people for whom they are. There are so many wonderful lessons that Star Trek taught me. Plus it is a fun show.


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Star Trek Means the world to me, it gives me hope when nothing else can with heroic character's like kirk and spock that can save the day. It also makes me believe that someday with future nasa technology that we will be able to bodly go where no man has gone before!


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Star Trek has been a constant fixture in my life for as long as I can remember.  It is a reminder to look inside for moral decisions because even the toughest characters determine their actions based on right and wrong and often they face additional hardships as a result of their choices.

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