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Why are there not many 40+ people in trek?


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"Galloping about the cosmos is a game for the young, doctor."

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I am 41 yrs old and while Star Trek has always held a special place in my heart, I am not as much into it as I was when I was younger.  It used to be more like a hobby but now it is a fond memory.  The last Star Trek thing I did before registering on this website was to see the last Star Trek movie with Chris Pine, which I really enjoyed.  I have just had other priorities in my life, such as work, health, family issues, and other interests.  


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If we think about ST characters as old as their actors, at least Bones and Scotty are 46-49 in TOS. And in The Cage and WNMHGB are quite old doctors.



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Kirk and crew in the movies were in their 40s/50/60s. Heck star trek VI Kirk was 60 yaers old. McCoy/spock were in their mid 60s. Scotty was in his early 70s. Sulu and uhura were in their late 50s. Chekov was in his late 40s.

Picard in tng was in his 50s/early 60s already, 70s during the TNG movie. Dr. Crusher was in her 40s/50s.  During the TNG movies the rest of the senior staff were in their 40s/50s.

In ds9 sisko was ins his late 30s early 40s. the rest of the seniors staff were of similar age.

Tuvok was 110 years old in voyager. harry was in his early 20s. Paris was in his mid to late 20s. I think Janeway was 40.  Chakotay of similar age.

Archer was in his 40s during enterprise. T'pol was in her 60s. phlox was also of simiilar age to t'pol.


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Probably the same reason that there aren't many people over 40 aboard aircraft carriers and destroyers, besides the senior staffs. It's usually a career-path reality. Once you get good, you get promoted to a desk job.


Also, there are actually a lot of "older" characters (at least 40+)


McCoy, Scotty

TNG: Picard, Crusher, Riker (in S6 and S7 was over 40 I believe), Guinan

DS9: Sisko, O'Brien, Dax (haha), Garak, Quark, Dukat,

VOY: Chakotay, Janeway, Tuvok

ENT: Archer, T'Pol, maybe Malcolm and Trip.


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I think that's probably a large part of it. The main roles of Star Trek tend to portray the elite of their positions -- particularly on the Enterprise (which actually had a pretty good age mix, if I recall...) Older people tend to be already in administrative positions. Like Admirals.

The younger 20-something crew members (like Dax, Bashir, Hoshi??) tend to have been fast-tracked into their positions too since they are particularly skilled at what they do. They made quite a point of that with Kirk, (in his mid-30s or something?) if I recall: He is the youngest person to make Captain in Starfleet. In the sense of being the fastest to be recognised and attain that position. As far as the background crew goes, I'm not as sure about TOS and TNG but for the most part there are a few 40somethings around.

Remembering also that "40something" looks a lot younger these days than it did in the '60s and even the '80s.

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Quote: OtakuJo @ Sep. 19 2011, 8:03 pm


> As far as the background crew goes, I'm not as sure about TOS and TNG but for the most part there are a few 40somethings around.


In the TOS episode "Court Martial", Ben Finney is definitely over 40.

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There's a few of use - It's just that most of us are Admirals. 


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From the answers to this question its apparent that people are interpreting it two ways 'why aren't there more 40+ fans active' or 'why weren't there more 40+ characters in the series and movies'.


the former must be wrong because there's so many of us originals, even TNGers, active in fandom. Many of us over 40.

In the 1960s in the US military it was not at all unusual to have a 20 year career with many leaving in their 40s, often to go on to other work.  There still is a philosophy of 'up (promoted) or out'.   I think that influenced how the casting was conducted for TOS, as well as then age range typical for most TV series.  As several other posters have pointed out there were obviously quite a few exceptions in the series and movies. 


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In Star Trek, there are many people older than 40, as others have mentioned.  Some long-lived species may stay young longer, but younger people do tend to have more energy than older people.  I personally am 58, and I have only a fraction of the energy I had 10 years ago.  It is a bit sad that as our brains get better, our bodies wear out.  Perhaps those scifi shows where they put people's brains in machines might not be such a bad idea after all!

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Almost all of the Voyager characters are 40+. Janeway (at least, Kate Mulgrew) was 39 when the show started, but she looked older. Chakotay was in his 40s, possible 50s. Tuvok was in his 100s (meaning 40s). I'm pretty sure Paris was 40 by the end of the show. B'Elanna Torres was supposed to be in her 20s, but Roxanne Dawson was in her 40s. The Doctor was in his 50s. And Neelix was in his 40s or 50s. And thats just Voyager. So there are plenty of 40+ crew members on Star Trek.

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There are a lot of characters middle age or older. Probably the reason you see more younger people is the older ones retire, put more focus on specializing in an area of their career (like going from ship's doctor to a biologist of Rigel or something), are promoted to admiral, change career tracks (Picard in the comics becomes an ambassador and Data becomes captain of Enterprise-E), or have died from the hazards of space.

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