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TOS rpg right here on this forum! Come join today!


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Give a quick describtion about your character name, gender, age, species, and a quick bio! Please read other  peoples characters so that you don't interfer with eachother!


We're on the USS Enterprise on our mission to explore space and to seek out new life. Under the Command of Captain Kirk! 


OCs (own characters) gain rank as you do, for example, I'm an Ensin right now.


All characters are still free




         Character: Keval


         Age: 31


         Gender: Male


         Species: Andorian


         Description: 5'11" Short white hair. Strong Built. Purplish eyes. and has two antenna on his forhead. Blue skin.

         About: Security/Tactical Officer, Keval is a good Layal Andorian. Loyal to both Andoria and the UFP. He is a super good fighter but knows that fighting doesn't answer everything. Even thought he forgets that sometimes. He knows the importance of working together and of Family and tries to be the best he can in everything he does. Telepathic, good physical strength, reascourceful, loves adventure, good at making decisions. He can be a bit moody at times, like most Andorians he is quick to blame, he isn't afraid to get violent to get answers, and pulse-phase infection could kill if not treated rapidly(Due to his physiology) 


When you want to talk out of character please use () when your character is doing an action do this -Picks up coffee cup- and before your character speaks or does an action please put there name before it like this


Name:Type whatever now! 


And NUMBER ONE RULE!! Have fun!!!


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If you would look at the ENT one you would see that I decided to change to TOS. But I couldn't change that post so I made a new one. And I do have permission by the maker of the TNG one to make this.

So if you would like to play then please join. If not then please don't get on my case about it!! It's my choice if I want to make more then one Topic. It's not like we are going to run out! 


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(I am the creator of the TNG forum. G'hoth has my permission to do whatever they want. I agree that TOS would be more popular than ENT, so I fully support this change.

Also, TNG doesn't have 'a few posts', it has 276 posts. That's more than a few.)

Character: Lt. Commander T'pai

Age: 24 in Vulcan years

Gender: Female

Species: 1/2 Vulcan 1/2 Human

Description: Your basic Vulcan female. Longish wavy dark brown hair, pointed ears etc.

About: T'pai is one of Spock's few childhood friends from Vulcan. The only other known half human half Vulcan. Her appearence on the Enterprise caused one of Spock's few moments where he showed emotion. She's not as in control of her emotions as Spock is, because her Vulcan father left when he realized his child would not be full Vulcan. This caused her human mother to raise her and her to not be as in control as other Vulcans. She is also very interested in the relationship between Kirk and Spock (you know it's there. don't pretend you dont')

(I'll start where T'pai arrives on the Enterprise)


Kirk: Mr. Spock, we have a new crewmember arriving in transporter room 3. Would you show her to her room and make sure she's comfortable?

Spock: Yes Captain. Do you wish for me to bring her to the bridge once she has settled in?

Kirk: Sure, why not

Spock: -eyebrow thing- There could be many reasons why not. Would you like me to tell them to you Captain

Kirk: Spock, just go get her.

Spock: Yes Captain


--Transporter Room 3--

T'pai: -arrives on transporter- Wow, that was fun

Scotty: Aren't you a Vulcan?

T'pai: -proudly- Why yes I am... well, half anyways.

-transporter room dors open and Spock walks in-

Spock: -freezes- T'pai?

T'pai: SPOCK! -rushes to him and gives him a hug-

Spock: T'pai! -hugs back, laughs- How have you been my friend? It has been too long

T'pai: They didn't tell me you were stationed on the Enterprise! This is so exciting!

Spock: I agree! This is a most joyous....-looks at Scotty, re-composes himself- It's good to see you again.

-both leave-

Scotty: Captain, Scotty here.

Kirk: is something wrong Scotty?

Scotty: No sir, well... It's Spock

Kirk: What happened to Spock? I'll be right there

Scotty: No sir, he's fine. He was...happy

Kirk: Happy? Happy how?

Scotty: Hugging this girl and laughing

Kirk: -chuckles- It's good to know his human side isn't totally gone.

Spock: Yes sir -chuckles-


(Btw. to all future posters, I'm kind of known for my long posts. Sorry in advance for the tons of reading you'll have to do)

"Life forms, you tiny litle life forms, you precious little life forms, where are you?" -Data, Generations


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(Been meaning to join your TOS RPG for a while now, G'hoth! So I figured- why not now when I can actually post stuff? But i'll tell you now that I won't be on much because TNG is my main RPG. Sorry.

I have a whole starship of TOS OCs (and i'm not kidding). I'll pluck a Lt. out from the bunch.

and FrakesGirl- I'm sorry, but SPIRK? I'll never understand why it's so popular! Yuck.)



Name: Lt. Nohsrin (Pronounced No-sirin)

Age: 30 human years

Sex: Male (Yes, I can have male characters even if i'm a girl. So what?)

Species: Romulan

Description: 6'1, Layered Reddish-Brown hair, gotee on chin, Dark brown eyes, pale skin, slightly pointed ears, wears a romulan sash over one shoulder.

About: Navigator stationed on the Enterprise on assignment form another ship, the USS Zhivahgo. He is engaged to the CMO of that ship, Dr. Kathrin Yang, and misses her fondly. He was driven out of romulan society because he is so docile. Often too sympathetic and gets scared easily. But he can be stern if it is needed and is very good at negotiations. Is also intelligent and good at scouting misions. Is very cold towards most Vulcans. Knows Chekov from the academy, but only briefly.

Tilek svi'khaf-spol t'vathu - tilek svi'sha'veh. (The spear in the other's heart is the spear in your own)


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Kirk: Alright, thanks Scotty. Kirk out.

Sulu: -snickers- Wow, who would've thought? Spock, Happy! That's the funniest thing i've heard all day!

Nohsrin: -grumbling- Vulcans are known for their emotionlessness...

Sulu: Aw, come on Lt! It's your third day and your already miserable. We're not that bad.... are we?

Nohsrin: No, of course not. I'm just not used to being around Vulcans that aren't my commander.

Sulu: Aha. I see.... Why don't we get some lunch later with Uhura? That'll cheer you up for sure.

Nohsrin: Sounds like a plan. -turns to Uhura, smiles-

Uhura: -smiles back-

NCC-1701 Canada

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Name. Dr.MCCoy

Well you guys know the rest  


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(lol nice) 

Keval: If it's alright sir I'd like to start a weapons test? 

Kirk: Go right ahead. Were in an astroid field go for it. 

Keval: I'll aim for the second one on the left. Ready? 

Kirk: Fire!

Keval: A hit. But not where I wanted it.-Antenna on his head go back.- I'll have to go recalibrate-he said irrattated- 

Kirk: -Smiles- Well get on that Ensign.

Keval: -Walks off bridge. down the turbo lift and through the hallway. To the Arrsenal.- Let's see. Three degrees to the left.-Continues calibrating.-



Uhura: Getting a message from Starfleet Captain.

Kirk: Well put it through.

Starfleet: Hello Captain. There has been a weird disturbence. Over in the corrdinace I'm sending you. Your mission to check it out and figure out what the strange readings are. Also we have reason to believe that a planet that is close to this place could be the cause of this. We have no prof of course. That's your job. I'm sending you the corrdinance for the planet too. Good luck.-Man goes off screen-

Kirk: Well looks like we have a mission. Helm set in the corrdiance let's go. Warp 7. 

Sulu: Aye Sir warp 7. 

Keval: -Walks on bridge- Takes the tactical station back. 

Kirk: Ensign did you get the problem fixed.

Keval: If I did it right sir. Then yes the problem should be fixed. 

Kirk: Good. Who knows when we'll be needing weapons?-Smiles-



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(I love Spirk! I'll keep it perfectly clean, since they won't admit it...yet  It may even turn into something between Spock and T'pai...or Kirk and T'pai, that womanizer)

T'pai: -walks onto bridge with Spock- Wow, very state of the art

Spock: Of course, we are the most advanced ship in the fleet

Kirk: -stands up- Hello there

T'pai: Wow. Oh wow. You''re Captain Kirk!

Kirk: -smiles at Spock- Why yes, yes I am.

T'pai: I've heard so much about you. i'm a huge fan

Kirk: Maybe I could show you araound sometime?

T'pai: it would be an honour sir

Sulu: -sigh- Why am I not surprised

T'pai: I'm your relief Mr. Sulu

Sulu: Good, I need a break

T'pai: -sits at navigations panel-


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(You can have Spirk. I just don't believe in it, that's all. I'm more for Spock/Uhura. Not because of the new movie though. It was in TOS too.

If I HAD to pick a male partner for Spock, i suppose i'd choose Bones. )


Nohsrin: -looks at T'pai, looks away, grumbles-


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(OMFG! I ranked up! Let's just say I'm a Lt. Commander from the start.)


T'pai: -looks at Nohsrin- Do you have a problem Lt?


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Kirk: Let's all be friends here.


-They arrive at the strange piece of space-


Kirk: Let's get some scans going on over the area Spock.

Spock: Aye Captain. Full scan. -Several seconds go by.- Not reading anything unusual captain.

Kirk: But they said it was right here...-Ship suddenly shakes- Spock?

Spock: Still not reading anything out of the ordinary.

Kirk: Lt. Commander T'pai get us out of here. We need to figure out what just happened.


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(OMFG! Tomorrows my b-day, and I opened mom's card today cus she's leaving. It's a Star Trek TOS card that says 'Analysis, Spock. If all the candles on that cake were to be lit simultaneously...' Then you open it and it's one of those speaking cards and it SPOCK says


'Annailation Jim. Total Compleate Absolute Anniolation')


T'pai: Yes sir! -tries to move ship- The ship wont budge, it seems we're in some sort of tractor beam

Kirk: Uhura, send out a wide spread hail. Let's see if we can contact these bastards

Uhura: Yes sir -hail-


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(happy birthday! I wish I got cards like that ony MY birthday! Lucky!

Ok. I SWEAR I posted something. Oh well.)

Uhura: I have them on channel 3 sir.

Kirk: On screen.

-siver skinned humanoid with purple eyes appears-

Alien: Hello. I am Rolexx.

Crewman: Isn't that a watch?

Nohsrin: Shh!

Kirk: I'm Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise. Why are you pulling us by tractor beam?

Rolexx: Why, to study you of course! It is our nature! We are scientists you see, and we have never encountered your species before. We will not hurt you, I assure you.

Kirk: Me and My crew didn't agree with this. We aren't just going to go with you and have you study us.

Rolexx: Oh, but you have to! There's no way to get free. Besides, You aren't going t be harmed, and you'll only be with us for 10 burstquads, which is about 3 of your years from what data we have got from your ship.

Kirk: And what will happen to the Enterprise?

Rolexx: Oh, we will study it too, and when we are done studying you we will give it back! We are going to bring you to our planet now, and put you in nice enclosures we will design especially for you. See you later! -screen goes blank-

Uhura: Captain, I'm frigtened!

Scotty: -is on the bridge for some reason- Aye! We cannae be sure what they'll do to us! Or if they'll keep their promises!

Kirk: What do you think, Spock?

Spock: They did not sound deceptive. However, that does not mean that they are speaking truthfully. I have analized the tractor beam. It is too strong to break through. The only logical couse of action would be to go with them.

Kirk: Your saying that we just go with them and let them analize us for 3 years?

Spock: Precisely, Captain.

Kirk: Great. Well, I guess that's what we'll do. Uhura, notify Starfleet command about our problem- and tell them not to send anyone after us.

Uhura: Yes sir.



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Keval: -Atenna go back- Sir shouldn't we at least raise shields?? 

Kirk: It doesn't seem we are in any immdiate danger Ensign. Plus with that powerful tractorbeam I'd hate to see what there Weapons are like.

Keval: Very well sir. 

Kirk: Open another Hailing Freqency. Let's tell them the good news.

Uhura: Channel open sir. 

Kirk: We have considered what you said and have decided to come peacefully. 

Alien: I am glad to hear that! The more you coroperate the faster this will go. I look forward to seeing you.-ends transmission-

Keval: Well they certainly don't like to talk. 

Kirk: It seems so. We'll see what happens. But I have no intention of being here for 3 years. 

Spock: Have something in mind Captain? 

Kirk: Not yet.. But I'm open to suggjestions. 


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--Later, T'pai's Quarters--

T'pai: -looking around- Wow

-doorbell thing-

T'pai: Come in

Spock: -walks in- I assume your quarters are satisfactory?

T'pai: Oh yes, very. -looks at Spock- What happened to you Spock? You used to be so playful and fun.

Spock: I am no longer a child, T'pai.

T'pai: I know, believe me, I know -looks upset-

Spock: Is something wrong?

T'pai: I just hoped we were still friends. I guess Vulcans don't have friends.

Spock: That is-

T'pai: You should go -looks away-

Spock: Very well. I will see you later -leaves-

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