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CAPTAIN: United Federation of Planets


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we all comment on decker, kirk, picard, spock, riker. what kind of captain would you be?



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I'd save the day and get all the girls.


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As much as I wish I could say I'd be Kirk, Picard, etc I bet if I was a captain I'd be assigned some science ship and studying things for the most part. I wouldn't mind being the captain of an Intrepid class ship buit for a good cross section of scientific research. It might not be the most glamorous job but hey, its better than just sitting on Earth not getting to see anything new.

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I'm with you.  My luck would put me babysitting some remote outpost in a god-forsaken corner of the galaxy supervising the cataloging of samples of space microbes.  Just for fun, though, I would shoot the space microbes and ask questions later.


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i would be spending time testing the limits of the ship and marking all modifications to improve performance....meanwhile on duty i would do what yall



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I would be riker, awesome and fun on his own ship but can't compare to Picard.



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I'm not a captain -- I'm much happier at Science or Comms or Engineering or one of those posts. Captainship has no appeal for me.

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Hmmm, I see myself assigned to a desk job; perhaps at the Academy or commanding some outpost.

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