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Star trek fact files


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Hi, I have the complete collection of 304 Star trek fact files to sell. Inherited items from my mother who was a life long trekkie but I just dont have the space to store them and thought they may benifit another fan.

I'm in South west England (Bristol) and folders would need to be collected, around 70 are still in the original packaging with the rest filed into the relevant folder.


Open to offers. Please mail me on if interested.




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I remember in the 90s things like that about different subjects were really popular. I have one on Sports and one on animals. I would rather have had the Star Trek ones. I imagine with the internet so popular that those wouldn't sell much today.

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I too have a set of these original official files that would like a new home rather than ending up in landfill. If someone would like to arrange collection of them I am quite wiling for them to freely go to a new home.

Star Trek Official Fact files.


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>What are these fact files?


You're in the UK aren't you ServalanFan?

You can buy my collection and find out if you like!!!

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