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Star Trek Exhibit


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Report this Sep. 14 2011, 5:49 pm

My inside contact has informed the Saint Louis Science Center will be hosting the exhibit starting Oct 28, 2011.
They will have: The Bridge (actually 2 different bridges) from TOS The Old Show, and TNG The Next Generation.
2, 20-foot model replicas of the Enterprise (A and D).
They will not have sick bay or engineering.
AND MORE! BECAUSE...The Science Center is also negociating with several private collectors (remember when all Star Trek props were auctioned off at Sutherbys) for display items.
They are also getting Madame Trudow's wax figures of the members of TOS.

And wait there's still more....
The Science Center is planning several (many) events. Not just an opening event but an event every Friday (for 6 months? well probably not every Friday). I don't have a list of events yet.... But in the works...a trivia contest with prizes, Robert Picardo will be making an appearance at some point, they have one of the makeup artists from the Star Trek TV series (I think TNG or DS9) coming in for talks/demo?

I've also found out that the Science Center is in negociation with paramount to show films/episodes in the Omnimax....for free. Once a month they will have a free showing of either a movie or a couple of episodes, first come first served. I was told the Omnimax will seat 350.

The Exhibit will open October 28! THIS YEAR! First planned event...a Star Trek Costume Contest, with prizes.


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Report this Sep. 22 2011, 2:30 pm

Here is the first update....which is acutally the first official announcements.

Well, it looks like things are officially announced as of today.
and the new website which will have more soon
Admission price will be $17.50 for adults.

Some key events...
Friday, Nov. 4, 2011: Star Trek costume contest
Friday, Dec. 2, 2011: Special guest Star Trek makeup artist Jeff Lewis
Friday, January 6, 2012: Star Trek trivia contest
Friday, February 3, 2012: Special guest Robert Picardo from Star Trek: Voyager

Though my source says more are still in planning and that they will be posted on boldly go once they are official. He also said that as they will add things during the run as needed. So the website will have to be something that you may have to check periodically.


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Report this Oct. 13 2011, 7:25 pm

Okay I've just learned some more.  (They are hanging the big enterprises tomorrow, wish I could be there.  They are working 12 hour days to get stuff put up in time.)

Anyway onto stuff you care about.

They will only have one bridge, the TNG bridge. 

They will have Kirk's chair (I imagine they can green screen you into the bridge).

They will have the TNG transporter stage.

Despite the 'official' news release from the science center they will not have a sick bay. 

Basically they will have everything that was at Louisville, plus the stuff that was recently in Germany.  (They will not have the items that were/are at the Kennedy Space Center).

Event planning is still going on.  "First Friday's" will also be the day's they will IMAX a Star Trek movie (for free).  The movie will start later in the evening after the other scheduled events. (You can vote for the first movie now on the Saint Louis Science Center's facebook page).

November 4 - Star Trek Costume contest

December 2 - Star Trek makeup artist Jeff Lewis

January 6 - Star Trek trivia contest

February 3 - Robert Picardo, from Star Trek Voyager.

March 2 - haven't found out anything on this date yet.

April 6 - haven't found out anything for this date either.


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Report this Oct. 25 2011, 2:56 pm

Here's some stuff I've been able to learn recently... is up, but has no content...

Parking will be FREE for Star Trek First Friday (ie the first Friday of every month) evenings. (after 6pm, parking is usually $9 per car)

Star Trek: The Exhibition will be available for a special evening rate for non-Members. Prices are as follows:

Non-Member Adult/Senior - $14
Non-Member Child 5-12 - $12

Some of their tie-in exhibits include:
Star Trek-inspired Planetarium show (Seeking New Earths).

Star Trek Scavenger Hunt throughout the Science Center’s galleries.

Human vs. android challenge in the Cyberville Gallery.

Learn about real-word space medicine in the Life Science Lab.

Eperiment with Einstein’s theory of space time with an interactive gravity well.


Holloween Weekend (October 29-30)

Beam yourself to the Saint Louis Science Center to celebrate the opening of Star Trek: The Exhibition at Trek or Treat on October 29 and 30, 2011 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Join Science Center staff for a number of FREE out-of-this-world activities: discover new Earths in a new space show, make your own communicator badge, play festive Halloween games and much more! 

Guests who visit the Science Center in Star Trek-related costumes will receive a discount off a full-priced Star Trek: The Exhibition admission. Please note our rules for costumes.


They will be doing a lecture series, so far all that is announced is:

Thursday, November 10, 2011 7:00 PM

What Would Life on Other Planets Look Like?

Would the evolutionary principles we see on Earth work the same on other planets? Join Dr. Andy Howell as he explores the principles of evolution and how life would adapt to environments found on other planets.

Presenter: Dr. Andy Howell, Professor of Astrophysics, UC Santa Barbara, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network
Cost: Presentation is FREE but reservations are recommended due to limited seating
Location: Saint Louis Science Center May Hall
Program Length: Approximately 1 hour
Age Group: Recommended for Adults

To find out more information or to make reservations, please contact: Reservations Department, 314.289.4424.


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Report this Nov. 06 2011, 1:14 pm

Review of the Star Trek Exhibit at St. Louis Science Center

Let me start with a caveat, my internal contact informed me that they rushed to set up the exhibit and get it opened by the due date.  Because of's not fully set up yet.  He said they are actually still waiting for some exhibit items to arrive. Some stuff they have but have not yet had time to set up.  Some items on display have not been fully set up.  It may be the end of November before everything is fully ready.

The Good: The entrance was really nice.   Right at the entrance they have set up a video of interviews with Gene Roddenberry (at least that's what was playing when we went in).  There are actually several sites throughout the exhibit with video of behind the scenes things from Star Trek.  The DVD is available in the exhibit shop (of course).  There is a table with several scripts from TNG; they are bolted down, but you can flip through them and read them.  There is a really cool standing-multi-faced structure backlighting several concept art pieces, storyboard art, and just art, from various aspects of Star Trek. Of course there were lots of things to see, the Star Trek timeline; wall 'posters' of information real and ST fiction, Picard's quarters, Klingon thrones (which you CANNOT sit in) Klingon navigators chair (which you cannot sit in), models, lots of costumes from the several movies, costumes from several shows, alien head pieces, displays of equipment, and much more.  PHOTO ops: Sitting in "Kirk's" chair (you get green screened into the bridge, the TNG bridge (the camera is set to shoot captains chair, 1st officer, and counselor chairs, and tactical, and USS Enterprise alternate universe Transporter.

The Bad: Actually one of my main items is that the whole display area just seemed poorly lit.  Unless you knew to look up now and then there was no attention grabbing way for the hanging 20+ foot Enterprise-A and Voyager models to be noticed.  When we went they did not have enough staff.  One poor guy was having to run back and forth from the TNG bridge to the Transporter to take people's photos.  The shuttle ride was outside the main display area but not running.  Several displays had no cards to tell novices what they were looking at (see disclaimer above).  One display no-one could figure out what was going on, but then we noticed several computer connection wires hanging out the top and figured it was one of the many items not yet set up.  There were two large areas of dead space.  (One I know is going to be an area set up as a huge green screen where you can stand and be screened into an image from TNG, or so my contact has indicated.  The other area is big enough to house sick bay-which despite numerous public relations releases is not currently at the exhibit.) Nor are the wax figures from Madame Trudoue, but as I've said before some stuff has not arrived.

All in all though pretty good.

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