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In the flesh review

Six of Nine

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I liked this episode alot, I thought it was very unusal, but I liked it.

As a wise man once wrote, : "Nature decays, but latinum lasts forever".


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Very deep and thoughtfull review

It was pretty good.  Ranked 220 out of 688, so above average for Voyager.

"If it doesn't work, paint it." -Unofficial Motto of the Starfleet Border Patrol -------- "Speak for the unheard, secure the vulnerable, bring light to the dark, fight for those who cannot" -Real motto of The Starfleet Border Patrol

Matthias Russell

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Yes, very pointed. Above average is especially good when you grade on a curve.


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I thought the enviroment that Species 8472 set up was pretty cozy.

The ducks fly at Midnight.


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I enjoy the episode when I watch it but I feel like it was a mistake.


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I loved it, it made 8472 even more scary. knowing that they could be ANYONE is scary.


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I love this episode. I agree with willowtree that it made them scary, but I also appreciate the conference room scene where both sides sit down and hammer out a truce. That is Star Trek at its best.

Their detailed recreation of Starfleet, however, made me wonder if they had somehow gotten the information from Voyager or from actively observing Starfleet. If the latter, then Species 8472 had the potential to return Voyager home.

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