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Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

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Oh gosh! So many good points! I don't even know where to start. I love Voyager so much and I agree about the underdevelopment of certain characters: Kes, Chakotay, and especially Harry Kim. Honestly, Ensign Kim was just there for decoration. No real purpose. Wait... he played... an instrument. Clarinet, right?

Kes was also very useless. She only served to help rescue B'lanna and Harry in CAretaker. Beyond that, pointless. I kept wishing they would have hired a better actress. In fact, that was the main problem: bad acting. Even Kate (who I KNOW is an excellent actress) was so WOODEN in the beginning. It was depressing!

Then later on, I wanted NEEDED more from Chakotay. I dunno if it was bad writing or just his acting. Beltran looked so bored and uninterested most of the time. It was frustrating.

Now you guys got me thinking about that damn center chair thing. Wtf?! I wish you had never planted that seed... *sigh* 


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Personally I think the intent in the beginning was to have backstories for them all. But the cast was very large. And I think they needed to give some more of a story then the others.

I did enjoy though what we got to discover of each character. 

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I think with so many great characters in the show, they simply didn't have time to develop them all as much as we the viewers would have liked, but just about every character got at least one episode of their own, I think Seven of Nine, Janeway, Paris, Torres, the Doctor, and Chakotay had some of the best episodes. 

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Did Voyager focus too much on Janeway, Seven and the Doctor?  Maybe.  But thinking of the TNG movies, you could also ask was their too much focus on Picard and Data?  Were these the most popular characters on the respective series and did the writers/producers focus on the characters that were most popular because they were the most popular?

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