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So Worf can kill this guy but not that guy?


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Trouble is that if they prosecuted Vash, Starfleet would also have to prosecute themselves! They are as guilty as anyone else of appropriating other people's artefacts without thought. Look at The Alternate!

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I dont think this would have been seen a premeditated murder,

while I'm sure Worf wanted to kill him, had Duras declined to fight I doubt Worf would have stabed him in the back.Worf issued a forman request for combat under their laws.

Duras accepted.

And lets not forget that Duras , being in fact QUILTY, of killing the Federation Ambassdor, on the federation flag ship when he was already under suspicion for an attack that killed 2 other klingons and endangered everone else that was near by.He was the natural first suspect to consider in K'Ehleyr's murder.

As to who was driving, Worf most likely relieved the transported officer on duty and beamed himself over.



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I agree with OtakuJo.  Worf had reasons for killing Duras and Gowron.  But, killing Kern(?) was inexcusable--especially after all he had been put through for the family.

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