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Why Do You RP?

Traylen Reesa

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This was partly inspired by the Poll that was submitted asking people what they like most about RPing. My question is simple - why do you RP? Do you like the "wish fulfilment" aspect of playing a different character? Are you striving to improve your writing skills for school or work? 

Personally, I want to write a book someday, and I like that the other writers in an RP can throw my characters curveballs that I wouldn't have planned out for them otherwise. It forces me to write circumstances that I wouldn't ordinarily write, and it allows me to develop as a writer. I also like the "instant feedback" that a close community of writers gives me.

So what about you all? Why do you RP?


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I suppose I RP because it allows me to involve myself in a world that I can't actually physically be in. It's actually fun to be a Lt. on board the Enterprise-D along with all the bridge crew and fellow RP crewmates. Come and join us! It's really fun, just Try it!

It also Helps me with my writing, I suppose. I'm currently working on writing a story based on FrakesGirl's TNG RPG- but shhh.... don't tell them. It's a secret!

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I think the best part about SIMM for me is meeting the new people. In the fleet I am in, they use group chat, facebook, irc, twitter, everything to link us together as friends. Sure it helps build the storyline, but even more so, it helps build a friendship that can last years and years. In fact, I have a friend named Susan whom I met ten years ago and she taught me how to play. We still talk on the phone and play on the same ship. Its just great

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