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Which series/movie has your favorite U.S.S. Enterprise?


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>My vote is Star Trek: The Animated Series - NCC-1701



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That's tough. I really love the Enterprise D and E, but, in an "alternate" reality, I like the one from the 2009 movie. It's retro and futuristic at the same time.


Now, for another class of vessel, the Defiant is great, for what it is, (A Battleship) and Voyager is a good long range cruiser.


Just my opinion.


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>I really like the Excelsior Class starship.

complete with a table in the middle of the sulu table. i respect your decision just trying for some humor.


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Enterprise E, The battle against the giant Borg cube in First contact was amazing and it manage to save wolf and the Defiant ship.  


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Star Trek: The Original Series - NCC-1701 - I never liked the rectangular engines of the movie 1701's.

The E was the sleekest but tryn to hard to be cool and again too much blocky Star Wars era detail.

The latetest JJ Abrams redesign is a missed oportunity. STXI was fun but the art design for the entire movie was MIA.

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