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Doctor Who


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I found out Dr. Who is older than Star Trek (it started in 1963) and it won a Guinness world record for the longest running tv series.  And also it is way more popular than Star Trek (in Europe).  I've never seen a single episode.  I'm a Star Trek fan all the way.  Anyway...  Should I check it out?  What's so good about Dr Who?  Any fans?


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It is over-rated and confusing but okay at times...


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I'm only familiar with the latest version of the series, last 5-6 years but I've found it to be an excellent show.

It's not like Trek in the least, it's a odd mixture of wacky adventure, horror, mystery and it's quite thought provoking. The Cybermen will I think give insight into the Borg.

What I know of older seasons is they were corny like TOS but that same good intention to tell an interesting story.

Definately worth watching, at least the last 6 seasons.


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To be honest, I think its just rubbish! I couldnt get into it! Stick with star trek


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 Yes the Tom Backer years were the best; but whenerver they get one almost as good they kill him off.

Oh well, such is life   


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It used to be good years ago. Well sort of - for a sci-fi series the Beeb spent £50 per episode on! These days they spend more but it is aimed at kids.

Dr. Who is a great concept but still in search of the right writers, designers and producers. When they should have gone for an older character actor they went young - and young again - and even younger. I swear after the next regeneration the good Doctor will be in a pram!

Having said that, the lad who plays him (Matt Smith) is engaging and suitably eccentric! But Dr. Who has become a bit too street trendy and lost its esoteric weirdness a long time ago.

But what's time in Dr. Who anyway? Very elastic that's what ...

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Basicaly Dr. Who shares the same type Plotlines as Star Trek (ie Good vs Evil) The Tom Baker Years are among the most loved of the Series. I have  seen those and some of the newer episodes of Dr.Who. The was even a Dr Who movie before there was a Star Trek movie.

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I find I can often enjoy Dr Who more than other sci-fi (including Star Trek) because I don't expect as much from it. The stories are often campy, the situations rediculous, the ability of the hero to escape impossible odds at the last second unbelievable. But I just don't expect much realism from it, so it's fun escapism. The characters are well done and interesting, especially in recent stuff.


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I am a huge Dr. Who fan!  I've seen episodes from all of the Doctors, but I really got into it with the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston).  The 9th Doctor really rebooted the series and it's been great ever since.


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I recently found out about Doctor Who, and I do enjoy watching it. I've only seen the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors, but I heard Tom Baker is just awesome. Definitely worth checking out.

However, it does not replace my love for Star Trek. If I had to choose which one to watch, it'd be Star Trek.

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LOL, that abomination was targeted at Americans; Doctor Who is a uniquely british television show which is part of its charm.

Definitely worth watching. I would suggest starting at either the beginning of the Tom Baker years ("Robot") or at the start of the new series.

If you're a fan of Douglas Adams, he was on the DW writing staff for years and his influence really shows.

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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>Dr Who is great, especially the Tom Baker years.

>Watch out though the special effects from the older Dr Who series make TOS effects look as sophisticated as Avatar's.

>It doesn't worry me though.


SF you are correct but I do like David Tennet just a smig better but now Matt Smith I cannot take it's impossible I refuse!!

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