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HOMEWORLD 3 needs your support


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Many of you may know the space RTS game HOMEWORLD 1&2 and the epic STARTREK mod that was developed for them.
Now I'm speaking on behalf of more than a 1000 crew-members of our own Pride of Hiigara (currently docked on Facebook), with the suggestion that ALL of you who wish to participate in keeping the idea of  HOMEWORLD alive should join our support group on Facebook. We aim at increasing public visibility, support and demand for HOMEWORLD 3 so that Relic (developer) can see that the game has a healthy fanbase, a great future and hopefully release another sequel to the saga.
I'm sure no one will be disappointed, since the HOMEWORLD universe is one of the most unique ever introduced into a game and has a great future! Who wouldn't want a brand new HOMEWORLD 3 gaming engine and STARTREK mod warping on to your PC screens!

We also have a large group of members playing online with HOMEWORLD 2 and mods.
(note official servers are no longer active but we have the details on our fan page to get you online)

You can find our group here: or search homeworld3.

PLEASE JOIN, your support is needed and will be very appreciated!
JOIN THE HIIGARAN NAVY! And become a proud crew member of the Pride of Hiigara!



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Being a HomeWorld fan myself. Can you give any details on the idea concepts? Carefull if the Egghead developers who will steal your unprotected ideas. It is best to get a seal of copyright before discussing any ideas in the open as most people will smile at you likeing your idea just to steal it from you to claim it as their own.

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