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Watch animated series or no?

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Created by: Doctor_Bashir


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Dear trekkies,how do you think: watch me this animated series:"Star trek:TAS" or no?

I never do not watch this series and i do not know: will be me interesting watch this series.Maybe you answer on my hard question.


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If you enjoy TOS then yes. Otherwise, if you feel you have to ask this question in the first place, I say no.

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It's worth the watch - just remember that it was done many years ago.


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Quote: FleetAdmiral_BamBam @ Sep. 01 2011, 9:23 pm


>It's worth the watch - just remember that it was done many years ago.



Very big thanks for answer,i think,what will be watch animated series.I read now,what this continue original series and in animated series talk about end years five mission crew ship "Enterprise".

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Every Saturday morning growing up. Nice to be able to visit again as an adult.


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I had never seen every episode till recently, I had only seen like one or two in passing over the years. I found that I really enjoyed it. So you should at least give it a chance.

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I've not seen it at all but I reckon if it's interesting to you then you should check it out once to see what you think of it.

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It was an expansion of Rodenberry's concept that he enjoyed making because with drawings, he was not hampered by budget restraints as far as aliens and backdrops and he felt he could do a lot more with it. Of course, today we look at it as poor animation (circa the superfriends quality), but it is definately worth viewing (available for purchase in several online places as well as advertised on this site for viewing), if not just for the nostalgic effort, but there is a continued storyline to some of the popular TOS episodes (such as trouble with tribbles). I Also found it a perfect way to introduce my kids to star trek (its cartoons!)...and now my kids (9 & 6) are moving up to the 2009 movie and TOS, well as there first trek convenntion next month.


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It's worth watching.  It's certainly not the greatest trek series, but it's got some pretty cool episodes.  


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Worth watching, but I think if you weren't already a fan and you didn't already like the rest of the series, then it would be a little cheesy.  For me its fun though because I didn't see it until I had already seen all of the other series.

Six of Nine

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Six of Nine

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if you are a cartoon fan



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I never thought much about TAS before, however I recently had a change of heart and ordered it.  It should arrive next week.

I have never seen/read about any episodes so I am really looking forward to a watching it - a new Trek Experience!!!



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It looks really funny, and they'res some mistakes. But it's pretty good, if you like shifty-eyed people.


I own the whole box-set though. Some interesting storylines and things, so if you like TOS you'll like TAS.

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I've watched a few episodes in the past, but now that it's available on Netflix, I plan to take full advantage...  I thought most of the episode plots were actually slated for Star Trek Phase II, so they were developed fully and not necessarily for children.

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