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Watch animated series or no?

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Created by: Doctor_Bashir


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honestly, if you are someone who hates when teh timeline is a bit messy, then dont watch this series. im not one to remember every single detail of the timeline but a lit of the stuff in the animated series was off. For example, the holodeck in a episode early in the first season, they were walking in a holodeck when the earlies apperance of them was in TNG. Other things that I did not like about the show was that some members of the original cast were not there such as checov and even uhura was not in her communications chair all the time, there was another officer that was more feline than humanoid. One thing I did like about the series is that it was able to explore more species that were less humanoid being as that kind of special effects wasnt quite up to parin the sixties.

I would still say watch it though, even though it can be a bit annoying at times, it was still a fun, albeit short series


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Thanks for answer,guys. Maybe star trek tas are not canon but  stories there is very interesting.




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Quote: cardassian_officer @ Sep. 05 2013, 3:57 pm


>Thanks for answer,guys. Maybe star trek tas are not canon but  stories there is very interesting.


A lot of the novels take TAS as Canon I just read department of temporal investigations and in one of the books it references the episode Yesteryear and the episode is also referenced in the Crucible trilogy for Spock. 

I havent seen all of them but the only one I can say does not fit is the giant Tribble episode.

The feline officer you are talking about is M'ress also Arex appear in the New Frontier novels as well so these novels are well worth the read if you like the charcters from TAS

randy kerr

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they are all awesome.


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Netflix has TAS and so i had the chance to watch it risk free-glad i did it was well worth watching!

byron hexenstar

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I love the whole franchise,it is like a lot of classic british tv it never ages,simply 'timeless'.....


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I loved it as a kid.  Give it a shot!   It couldn't hurt....


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Wathed it a a kid and just got it now on box set and enjoy it. I like the variety of shuttlecraft and other craft the Enterprise carries.


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I own it and it's great!

22123magic's Star Trek Games! Check it out!


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Just finished it and glad I did. Some good episodes

"Reed Alert, that's not bad"...Malcolm Reed

Drunkin Druid

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It's pretty childish but there are some cool ideas in there. I'd say give it a look.

J Inkwell

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I've always found it a bit too cheesy for my taste personally, but as I've said in the "reboot?" forum for TAS, I think that if they re-did it with today's animation it'd be much better.

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