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Who's better Data or the Doctor


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I watched TNG When it was new and airing for the first time.  I've only recenlty been able to watch Voyager because when it was new, I was very busy and I didn't have a TV. 


The doctor, with the mobile emitter, is superior to data in almost every way.  He has emotions, and humor, and creativity.  His program is highly adaptable, he is capable of amazing scientific and medical break throughs, He is immude to phaser fire (except for the emitter), he can change his appearance. Why is Data's positronic brain such a great invention when the doctor's program is so much better?


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The Doctor. He can't be touched if he doesn't want to as long as nothing hapens to his emitter. Data can still be badly damaged by phaser fire.


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Data. Because he was an amazing invention in his own time. The doctor was only amazing because he came from a different century.

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Like you said Data is an amazing invention in his own right, a marvel of robotics/ AI and in many ways more realistic than the Doctor.

The Doctor was made for the show to be like Data, but since we'd already done that no emotions childlike learning how to be a person shtick with Data they skipped all that and made Doc a real boy.

Rather cleverly, now that I think about it, they continue to explore human prejudice by making the EMH look and act human and yet people treated him worse than Data. Look at the number of early Voyager episodes where crewman and even the senior staff would openly disrespect him, which very rarely happened on TNG. As a matter of fact TNG crew treated Data like person form day one, Riker, Worf, and even Dr Pulaski saw him as more than just the sum of parts. It was often pointed out that the Doctor's body was light and forcefields and he was merely a computer program, and I think this argument made him somehow less "real" than Data.

Data had superhuman abilities but those were secondary to his pursuit of humanity, the Doctor had humanity from his first day and toward the end of Voyager it was explored how radically different, nay better than us and that very fact may have alienated him.

Moreover, Data attended and graduated from the academy, he came up through the ranks, and earned every inch of ground that allowed him to understand the sentient condition, which gained him the respect of others and his very desire to be a part of society. The Doctor was automatically Starfleet, automatically CMO, who went from being a sympathetic underdog to a self important arrogant jackass, that believed he deserved more authority by virtue of being better than us. By that notion, Tuvok and Seven should have been running things being the smartest strongest organics onboard but things don't work that way.

To that end I'd love the Doc, dearly, but Data is my favorite of the two.

I want to see a character that isn't labeled as 'gay' have a nice, normal romance with no hint of prejudice, no allegory and no message at all. Just put it there, like it happens all the time and no one gives a damn, which is exactly how it should be. I don't want a story about how no one understands them or how society isn't accepting, just have it happen. ~ SLagonia


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I'm for one would say Data for the reason he is much more person than the Doctor. Let's face it he's just a programm, ok you would say he's maybe a sentinent being, but t's just like the LMH was created for Dr. Bashir. Simply a hologramm to replace Docs in Emergency situation on ships & installations of SF. As I recall the EMH was modeld after Dr. Zimmerman & was very taken how he was treated.


Data was very unique in his intention to become human & he was some sort more than human. Even when he got the emotion-chip. Although I wonder what became of B4?


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Remember the episdoe, the "measure of man" where data was on trial to see if he was "property".  Dr. Maddox wanted to make a race of datas.  But why, when they could install a doctor on every ship.  I know the mobile emiter allowed the doctor go everwhere, but Dr. Maddox should spend his time trying to build a mobile emiter rather than another data.


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I don't know ! Most of the arguments so far , have placed themselves in the role they have onboard ship ! Both are amazing inventions , and were a great help to the crew , but I'm going to say they are equal , and probably both would have a place in starfleets future !

And let's not forget Julian Bashir , the Doctor on DS9 who was genetically enhanced , and was the best Doctor in the Fleet , thereby being the third man in this equation !

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