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Did/should the Defiant class have a long production run?

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StarFleet lost many ships and personnel during the Dominion War,  This small class should be used to fill in to bring the fleet back up in strength until more of the bigger ships can be built and qualified crews assigned to them.  They should however be used only within UFP territory as a show of intent.  This way, they could show that they will defend themselves without offensive posturing.  Remember the UFP learned early on that the Jem'Hadar would ram big ships like the Galaxy class.  Not to mention the Borg now have a much faster way to get deep into UFP territory.  Also, the Klingons are not to be trusted.  In DS9's Risa episode, Worf stated that many of the Klingons wanted to attack the UFP, not out of any sense of honor, but just because they thought they could pull it off.  Also, the Klingons are likely to use the excuse of continued friendly relations with the Romulans an an excuse.

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