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Tasha Yar

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Quote: ___Lucifer___ @ Sep. 13 2011, 12:29 pm


>I thought her death was one of the cheapest and most meaningless deaths in the history of Trek. Unlike Trip, she didn't die trying to save her captain. She didn't die saving some race from oblivion or saving the ship from certain doom. She just died.


>On a side note, the funeral scene still makes me cry to this day.


She was trying to save Deanna and the shuttle pilot though. The fact that she didn't succeed didn't make it any less of an effort.

And yes, I, too, love that funeral scene to tears...

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Quote: Roboto @ Oct. 19 2011, 3:08 pm


>I believe that her character had a lot of potential and she was never given a chance to fully bloom.

>Except for that ridiculous incident with Data (which, seriously, I pretend never happened),

>I think she would have made another great "best friend" for Data, maybe even a true romantic interest in the Star Trek films after he received his emotion chip.


As for the first, 100% agree.

As for the second, for me it's one of the funniest scenes on the show! I sure wouldn't want to pretend it never happened! LOL

As for the third, well, go check out fanfiction - quite a lot of stories on ffnet in that direction - one way or another.

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I thought it was interesting that they killed her off early and in an off-handed manner rather than building up to a big event.  Her death was pointless, which was the point.  Too many character die heroically, but she was just doing her duty.  Data's tribute at the end of the episode was touching.

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I never really liked her alot. I always thought she was kind of weird. I was shocked when she died, though. But I wasn't really that sad. I love Deanna though! I think that it would have been crazy if they had actually gone with the original way of doing things. Denise Crosby was going to be Troi, and Marina was going to be Yar. I'm sooooo happy they didn't do that!

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I agree with you that it's very hard to think of those characters being reversed now...  especially with all the history built now.


Regarding Yar's death though, it's hard to build up any emotional response when she barely made it through 1/2 the first season.  The viewers hand't really built any strong connection with her...  just think of the shock had it occured in Season 3 with the Borg Incident or even later in the series....


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Quote: Ayko @ Sep. 10 2011, 5:45 am


>Easy come easy go...


Yeah that's pretty much how I feel about it too. Another fictional character dead. I just felt no emotional connection with her whatever.

A shame, because on paper the idea of Yar is quite a good one.

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In pratice I wish they brough back either to USS Enterpise crew in Movies.


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Was she the Janice Rand of TNG?

I actually liked both Tasha Yar and Denise Crosby.

I was glad when they (sort of) brought her back - only to give her a more decent send-off second time around. Her first demise was truly poor - her second somehow more noble - but either way she truly was:

Demise Crosby

The Sela/Romulan angle was interesting.

Just the idea of an attractive female Romulan with blonde hair is enough to get me interested

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she wasnt tough enough for bridge level security officer....



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Eh, i wasn't a big fan of Tasha...i think it was Crosby's acting..she always has this O.O earnest face on that always irked me. I was always irritated when they forced her into episodes later down the line. I thought "really!?" I did like Yesterday's Enterprise even with her on it, maybe because she wasn't annoying..maybe she grew as an actress by that time? I don't know. I think that the show benefited from her not being on the show in the long run. 

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If Denise Crosby and Mirina Sirtis had exchanged roles from the beginning, it would have changed the whole direction the show took.  Crosby would probably have still quit, since Troi had even less to do during the first season than Tasha did other than "feeling the pain" of everyone the crew met.  That would mean that Troi would have left, perhaps killed off or not, so none of the Riker/Troi situations would ever be explored.  Also, since Sirtis's Tasha would still be on the bridge, there would be no reason for Worf to have been put in as Chief of Security, a move that truly made sense.  The producers would have had to find something else for him to do, as in the first season he was just there as an extra hand.  There would also be two "warriors," the security chief and a Klingon, which would be redundant.  By the second season, the show was beginning to fall into place with the characters where they belonged (including Geordi as Chief Engineer).  Ultimately, Denise Crosby leaving the show was beneficial for it.

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In that first season Tasha's part was mostly dumb and Crosby's acting stunk.

Didn't mind her exit one bit. Even the method was dull.  The only thing that improved it was Data's reaction.

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That episode was a total bummer!

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Tasha may have been a fictionsl character, but no character on the side of right should have to die a meaningless death like that. If a character has to die, give some real meaning behind a character;s death other than because I can and I wanted to show how weak and helpless you are.

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I was sad when Tasha Yar died. I liked the character alot and think that Denise Crosby did an excellent job as Tasha Yar.

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