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Star Trek celebrity lines


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Hello out there, I'm courious as too which Star Trek celebrities tend to build hour-plus long lines and which convention locations are the busiest/attendance wise? thanks.



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The big guys like William Shatner and Kate Mulgew tend to have very long lines and are more expensive. I know Leonard Nimoy was a 4 hour wait when he came to Vulcan, Alberta last summer.

The big locations are the Conventions that are listed as Star Trek conventions. Like the Las Vegas Experience. Other conventions tend to be smaller unless they have a lot of big names there.

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I agree that the big names, such as Mr. Shatner and Mr. Nimoy (along with, probably, Patrick Stewart) and anyone who rarely attends conventions will have the priciest autographs and the longest lines.  This will probably continue to be the case as long as they do conventions and, with respect, are still living.

I would say that any of the huge East or West Coast conventions would have the most attendance.  I believe Dragon*Con in Atlanta probably does, too.

I would suggest finding out where and when the celebrity of your choice is signing and get in line asap.  I spent about half-an-hour in line to meet Patrick Stewart at Wizard World Chicago, but it was probably because I jumped in line the instant I got there which was right at open.





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