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Your biggest fear/phobia?


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Spiders.....ewwww without a doubt my biggest fear! They disgust and frighten me, dunno if its a girl thing but ewwww they scare me! Whats your biggest fear/phobia?


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I rekon I would say, death would be mine. oh not the dieing, just the being dead




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I'd have to say...dying before I reach my goals, and claustrophobia. I literally spazz when I can't move.


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Big hairy spiders are the last think I worry about. In fact I have handled a few large ones in my bed room. One being big, black and hairy. It was quite friendly crawling on my hand but it was getting on my nerves when it continued getting on to my computer and crawling all over the key board. So I let it loose on the other side of my bed room and haven't seen it since.

Actually the most fear I get is always people related. People always seem to do loads of scary things that give me the creeps and or cause me to worry.

After all I have never heard of an insulting spider, a dog riding a car and being a hazard or any other animal doing crazy and or purposely mean things.

He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it. -Douglas Adams (1952-2001)


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Spiders scare the crap out of me. I don't know why; they just do. I'm also kind of afraid of heights. Sometimes, I can handle it, sometimes not.

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claustrophobia and being afraid of bugs.

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Rats and Snakes.

The ducks fly at Midnight.


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Spiders with hair produce milk,

The spider web is one of the most powerful substances known,

The Snowspider of Africa is all white and spins a black web,

The Chinese have a collection of 'Holyspiders' about 2800 years old, which could be authentic since a spider cannot physically die of natural causes and can theoretically grow and live forever,

The average spider's 'skin' or 'outer shell' can withstand a nuclear blast,

Neurologist's at Harvard have discovered that the spider's brain contains more mental capacity than the human brain including logic,

We in the USA spend about five percent of the GDP on eliminating spiders which is more than the amount invested on drugs, terrorism, the national park budget and assisting the underprivelaged combined,

In 2001, NASA sent hundreds of spiders into space with the space shuttle Atlantis and observed how they created three dimensional webs in non-gravitational conditions,

The so called Copperheadspider spins a web of solid steel,

Most spiders keep their web victims alive in a cocoon as long as possible as they enjoy eating their prey alive, The Viedantspider has a unique venom that when injected into a dead insect causes it to suddenly pulse with movement for a more appetizing meal,

The Bajillion Spider of Africa is a wonder of nature, Each one is composed of thousands upon thousands of tiny mini spiders that compose the whole one spider and work as one single collective, almost like a tiny insect colony,

Over 80% of all retail bought clothes contain spider eggs from other countries and are the number one source of household spider presence,

Sir Thomas Alderidge wrote in the first English poem about the spider,
Pryttie Inseyct
Deth escayps raintrodden",

A Black Widow Spider queen only kills her mate when he is not a virgin, (in other words one chance because the second chance you are out),

There are elite spider families that live their existence in the atmosphere and others that do the same under the ocean floors,

Ever wonder why the ocean and sea look sometimes grey, sometimes clear without color, sometimes blue, NO it is not the sun and moon playing tricks, it is textbook authors,
Under the sea floor are many spider habitats and one egg contains often millions of offspring, sometimes hundreds, sometimes one, depending on the species, but when spiders young under the sea bed hatch they 'race' to the surface to get their first breath of fresh air and cause the strange color change in the sea, not sun rays,

In the ionosphere, which is a layer of the atmosphere, live a species of spiders called Windcurrent Spiders and use web spun parachute like 'backpacks' they have evolved to actually live and evolve within the ionosphere, and although some claim they are cannabilistic, science has shown that they have developed a plant like process known as 'photosynthesis' (a plant energy and nutrition intake process like eating and drinking but of energy at light wave levels) of attaining energy and nutrition, from light rays,

It is said that The Enigmaspider can withstand heat of up to 5300 degrees although they apparently live in the Antarctic,

Shatner's Grim Reaper

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My greatest fear is that one night I'm gonna have a dream of h***sexuals in my beloved Original Series.

captain saavik

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Mine would have to be spiders snakes and really big roaches im talkin 2 inches long roaches!!!!


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Spiders,moths,daddy long legs,not wild about ants.

Wood lice also    . Im from Ireland so snakes arent a huge problem here   .



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I'm a little afraid of heights, but I don't let it bother me to the point where I won't fly or ride a roller coaster.

 The thing that really bothers me though, is that something will get in my eyes.  Yes, sounds crazy, but I kid you not, I'm reduced to behaving like a little boy whenever I have an optometry appointment.

 My last appointment was a disaster.  I couldn't keep my eyes open for that blast of air that they shoot into your eyes.  I couldn't open them for drops.  And whatever the hell that blue light was at the end of the stick, I wasn't about to find out.  At one point, the poor guy tried to force them open.  He finally gave up.  I was so embarrassed.

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

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