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Why were the borg completely changed in this series?


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*Vorta Alex*


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It is a common problem in long series called a Brain Bug.


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The Borg need to be changed upgraded to make the tech look intergrated, as if it was truly a part of and within the drones rather just applied to their exterior.

First Contact and their assimalition scenes made the Borg truly frightening, that male drone arm removed and replaced and that female drones eye. Before the Borg were threatening but I wasn't afraid of them, it can be hard to perhaps comprehend the mental threat of being assimilation but the dissection makes it quite clear.

I want to see a character that isn't labeled as 'gay' have a nice, normal romance with no hint of prejudice, no allegory and no message at all. Just put it there, like it happens all the time and no one gives a damn, which is exactly how it should be. I don't want a story about how no one understands them or how society isn't accepting, just have it happen. ~ SLagonia

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