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What is Picard's worst nightmare?


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They could've straightened each others' laces....  



That is all.... Empok Nor Station Manager


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Marrying Beverly, then she dies, and he is stuck with Wesley!


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 Becoming Locutus of borg...


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Q comes to visit him dressed in drag.  Or being burned to death in a fire like his nephew and brother


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Having his Shakespeare holodeck programs get corrupted and the food replicator no longer produces Earl Grey Tea.


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The fire that killed his brother and nephew would be his worst nightmare.  But, being assimilated as a Borg nursery-school teacher would probably rank right up there.

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The Borg. I think not only because he was assimilated - because he felt such terrible guilt - his mind was a part of the collective together with his knowledge and experience. He was forced to lead the battle at Wolf 359...


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Quote: ibleedgreen24 @ Aug. 29 2011, 9:35 am


>I'd say being reassimilated, killing Beverly while a drone, and then unintentionally giving the Borg information so they could destroy Earth and the Enterprise.



That and the Borg assimilate Q. Although that's probably unlikely, but hey

we're talking Sci-Fi right?

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Besides the Borg, being locked up with Q for an eternity.

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How about being re-assimilated with Q's assistance or spending eternity being chased by Lawaxana Troi.

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