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Why were the Bridge and other important area,s on Federation vessels not more secure .


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I agree that giving verbal codes or typing one in feels like it would slow things up but Stargate SG1 had keycard to get into certain secure areas of the base and when action happened it was incorported into the flow and added a sense of reality that this a military situation and the impediments that come with security demands.

I think Roddenberry was against having too militaristic a feel with Trek, and it sort've works but I think that is because we have become use to his pseudo-military style. I always thought it could have used a little more salute and "a-ten-hut".


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Quote: Matthias Russell @ Aug. 25 2011, 2:42 pm

>I mean unreal in the sense that the organization wouldn't work that way, like Froto not flying on the giant eagle to Mount Doom. Science is another matter.

Not so fast, why is it okay to suspend disbelief in the science part but not the more mundane matters like human and organizational behavior? After all, the core premise of ST is that humans have mostly EVOLVED. Humans have united, no money, utopia, every one has their basic needs met, yadda, yadda. And SF is made up of mostly humans and aliens who have been trained in human-centric philosophies and principles.

To be fair, I completely agree that the lack of security is stupid and a major FAIL. Along with lack of restraints on the bridge. I guess I just place it lower on the gripe scale.


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