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one favorite character from each series


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Name one favorite from each series


TOS Spock

TNG Data

VOY Tom Paris or B'lanna

ENT Trip or T'Pol


I didn't watch DS9 enough to have a favorite



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TOS – Kirk, McCoy, Spock (all three go together)

TNG – Riker then Picard

DS9 – Sisko

Voy – Janeway

ENT – Archer.


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TOS: The Trio

TNG: Patrick Stewart (I like the actor more than Picard)

DS9: Sisko, Odo

VOY: Kate Mulgrew (I like the actress more than Janeway)

ENT: T'Pol


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TOS : Kirk

TAS : Spock

TNG : McCoy & Scott


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TOS: Spock & Bones

TNG: Hugh of Borg aka Third of Five

DS9: Odo



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TOS:Kirk/Spock/McCoy; you really CAN'T choose just one.  TNG: Picard, or Riker ; DS9:Sisko; Voyager:Kes(Shocker)/Janeway/Chakotay; ENT: Again, the Trio, of Archer/Trip/T'Pol

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Hard to pick just one but:

TOS  James T Kirk

Enterprise Archer

Voyager Tom Paris

TNG  Worf

DS9  I only saw a few epiosdes but I thought Quark was OK.

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TOS: James Tiberius Kirk

TNG: Picard

DS9: I haven't had the chance to watch it, but I love O'Brien in TNG, so when I finally get to watch this series, I'm sure I'll have a predisposition toward O'Brien.

Voy: B'Elanna

Ent: T'Pol

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DS9: Bashir.

TNG: Data

ENT: Phlox


TOS: Not very sure -- maybe I haven't seen enough of it but I kind of like McCoy.

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TOS: Bones

TNG: LaForge

DSN: Quark


ENT: Trip

MOVIES: Kahnnn! Kahnnn! Kahnnn!


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TOS: Spock

TNG: Data

DS9: Benjamin L. Sisko

ENT: Phlox

VOH: The Doctor

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TOS: All of them!

TNG: Crusher, followed closely by Lwaxana Troi.

DS9: Odo, followed by Jadzia Dax.

VOY: Janeway, followed by Torres, Chakotay, then Kes.

ENT: I haven't watched enough of it, but I guess Porthos the Dog.

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TOS- Sulu

TAS- the feline comm officer

TNG- Dr. Crusher

DS9- Qwark

VOY- Janeway

ENT- Porthos

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TOS: McCoy/Spock

TNG: Data

DS9: Odo/Quark

VOY: The Doctor

ENT: T'Pol (haven't seen any episodes of ENT so I'll just go with the eye candy until I see a few episodes)

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