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Did starfleet move the Dyson Sphere to Earth?


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re-use of prop miniatures. that's all.

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Not to be a smart ass, but how do you move a dyson sphere that is about  300,000,000 km( 2 AUs) across and has a star inside i?


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Well, you have to assume that they reverse-engineered some of the dyson's sphere technology.

I think a better question is; What ghappened to the Dyson's Sphere?  It's probably the single most powerful relic discovered since that artifact Kirk found whose name I'm not allowed to say or Harlan Ellison will sue me.

By the way, it's really a Dyson's Shell.  A Dyson's Sphere is something different.

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No, Starfleet most likely sent a science vessel to investigate and do a thorough analysis of it. Why would they spend the resources on trying to move it when the Romulans were an ongoing threat? Also, the physics behind moving it would be a challenge to accomplish.


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Yup. Gotta love the stock footage.

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A wizard did it..


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Quote: Brianthony @ Aug. 23 2011, 8:07 am


>A wizard did it..



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