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Would Star Trek make for an interesting new series on prime time t.v.?


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Would a weekley Star Trek show on syndicated t.v. make for an interesting addition to a prime time slot?


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Gee what an original idea! I Wonder why they've never tried that before? Oh yeah, they have, 5 times already!

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Actually, if it had good actors, great graphics, and fantastic writers (can someone call Russel T Davies in the UK, please?) I think it would do great! I think the main problem sci-fi shows nowaday run into is the graphics. I hear people all the time talk about how crappy something looks, so they never give it a second chance. With all of this new technology and  advanced movie graphics, people forget about the fact that tv doesn't have that funding. What tv does have, is good, rich story plots that people don't care about until the middle of the second season. More and more people are jumping into the sci-fi/superhero boat though, what with the new ST and all of the superhero movies comming out. So in todays culture, it's not the title that wards people off, it's what it looks like. And I think that's unfortunate.  

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That's funny, I was just thinking about that as I was looking at all the different revenue streams, books, games, online games... There has to be some interest, it would just have to be something people would enjoy, and not be too expensive (which makes it look cheap) to produce. There's a very fine line there, for TV Execs to make a killing, and still have a large enough trickle of cash to turn a couple plastic buckets into a (techno-babble)...

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Of course all of the folks you are asking would agree a new trek would make a great addition to prime tv but it has to appeal to more then just us or it will fail.  Therefore the writers will try and please everyone and when you try to please everyone you get mediocre results. 

Look at the nonsense on TV now. 

Sitcoms - same garbage since the 50's pure garbage

Reality shows - an orginal idea ( a few years ago) now they are running that idea into the ground

law order, csi - how many different versions of the same idea are on tv now they should have one chsannel just for these shows so I will know not to ever surf it.

doctor shows - do we really need more docotor dramas.

sorry just ranting a little.  This is all my humble opinion.

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AHhh... StarTrek: CSI that might work, A special team of Starfleet crime solvers on a universal quest to solve crimes. The entire season can be leading up to a major Crime Boss, and you could have sex crimes, doctorish crimes, and lots of techie stuff. You could kill off new characters, Have lots of soap opera stuff within the team, you could be on planets, in buildings, space ships, wow... (some sarcasim intended)

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