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enterprise 'V' shape


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Good pictures here.

I read once that the design was a combination of the two common spaceship designs in sci-fi (at least then), namely the rocket and flying saucer.

I also read that the 'V' design is to keep the warp nacelles away from the engineering section. That's due to a harmful affect on the crew, like of the warp field. But yet, are close to the saucer section. 

Then again, on the front of those nacelles are 'red caps'. These could perhaps include being for shielding of that harmful affect, thus not reaching the saucer section.

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Quote: guillermo.mejía @ Aug. 17 2011, 7:44 pm

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>It worked because it was different than what sci fi had given us previously.

I agree. And Star Trek, as much as it tried to base itself on real science, has a lot of pure fiction in it. It's a rather stylish design that I like more than anything that came after.



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The Enterprise, in many ways, looks like a bird in flight with the wing flap at the upward movement. Ente (first four letters of the name Enterprise) is German for duck plus we have the "birds of prey" and Romulan Warbirds, both designs looking very much like birds. "The Dove" TOS episode is one of the best dealing with a Satan like spirit that can only be fought by seperate factions joining together.

I could go on but it is obvious that the bird is a central symbolic character of the Trek mythos.

So now you know why the Enterprise looks like that...


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Who wouldn't like it. The more original something is, the more better it is

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