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enterprise 'V' shape


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do you really like the ships design?

i hate to admit it fellow trekkies and trekkers but i have this secret i need to get out
the saucer section of the ship is cool enough and follows with UFO sightings but to add a hull section with wings looking like a big V in space makes me wonder sometimes

what do you think?

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Actually it is kind of weird shape for an inter stellar craft but remember it was designed many decades ago...


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It worked because it was different than what sci fi had given us previously.

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Quote: Beershark @ Aug. 17 2011, 7:05 pm


>It worked because it was different than what sci fi had given us previously.

I agree. And Star Trek, as much as it tried to base itself on real science, has a lot of pure fiction in it. It's a rather stylish design that I like more than anything that came after.

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I think that 1701 and 1701-A had the simplest design, if not the fastest and coolest looking. overall, the position and overall dominance of the ship by the warp nacelles give the Enterprise a more primitive look compared to later designs (Refer to 1701-D and E.). So in simple English, yes. I like the design of the ship.


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In answer to the original question...  Yes.



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I like the Original Enterprise design. Plus, in space there is no atmosphere to worry about the shape of the ship. As long as you can move it, it will go.


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I find that I love the design as much as when I was younger. A friend gave me a small scale model of the good ol 1701 two years ago, and lately, I've been thinking how great she is, from varied angles, particularly when the camera is beneath and to forward of the saucer, and from above, as it pans in close to it, and we see that wonderful set of call letters. One of the aspects of the spfx retooled TOS episodes for me ARE the improved Enterprise images, as cited here. She just looks even better...

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I think the Federation ships are really cool looking space ship designs.

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Quote: BrotherofShran01 @ Aug. 20 2011, 8:41 am


>I like the Original Enterprise design. Plus, in space there is no atmosphere to worry about the shape of the ship. As long as you can move it, it will go.


The idea behind a saucer design is to have it spin to the point of creating its own gravity field and then harness the push-pull gravity field to push and pull you in any direction at incredible speeds, So the shape of the ship does play a giant role in space, The Enterprise design is ridiculous scientifically speaking but fun from an artistic viewpoint, Most every ST ship has the design similar to a bird, not just 'birds of prey', Romulan warbirds, etc, but also the Enterprise itself, Surprised you missed that Val with DUXe's wife such a bird lover...

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I thought the Enterprise B took some of its design inspirations from an old MAC computer.  The thought occurred to me the first time I saw it and I still feel that way everytime I see it.  The original is still much cooler than the 1701-B.  At least that one was only around for a few minutes.


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After thinking about it for a little while, I think the V-Shape would be very practical in a tactical situation.  Loosing the shields in one area would not leave other areas vulnerable because of the separation of the components.  Also the shape would direct any blast away from the other components.  I don't know if they thought of that when designing it, but if I had to guess I would say that's the best explanation.


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She is just noting the 'V' shape because of what Val calls the Star Trek 'V' Factor phenomena,

like V for Val with the Federation starships form,
the Vaal 'god' from "The Apple",
In the pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before" the Enterprise finds the voice recorder from the SS Valiant and end up in the Vega System and planet Delta Vega,
The original pilot "The Cage" and Pike's lady friend Vena,
the Vulcans,

...and many more V visions that dominate Star Trek according to Val, unfortunately Val was banned but I know she talks about it all the time,


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Generally I'm not a fan of "V" shaped nacelle struts.

I have always questioned the wisdom of having exposed nacelles connected to the ship only via flimsy looking pylons.

I prefer the Sabre configuration where they are bolted onto the saucer itself.





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It looks really cool and I think it's kind of practical too. The Enterprise would probably have less casualties than, say, the Reliant if one of the engine nacelles like, exploded or something, because the engines are farther away from the main part of the ship.

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